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  2. Attention all chocolate lovers - the race for the best choco pud in Dubai is fierce!
Chocolate Heaven is in the Heart of Dubai!

Attention all chocolate lovers - the race for the best choco pud in Dubai is fierce!

Often referred to as the hub of the Middle East, it's easy to see why Dubai has gained its glistening reputation in the restaurant scene. If there's one thing Dubai isn't lacking, it's the mouth-watering array of dessert choices sprinkled across the city, showcasing everyone's all-time favourite silky dessert in every recipe imaginable. Chocolaty goodness in the form of cake, fudge, ice cream, cookies and gelato is abundant in its variety and tastes.

The best of the best come together to make Dubai the ultimate hotspot for all things chocolate.

1. Devil's Food Chocolate Buttercream Cupcake - Magnolia Bakery

When it comes to decadent cakes, desserts and puddings, there's one type of bakery classic that will never go out of fashion and that's the art of cupcakes. Countless assortments of flavours, fillings, icings, and toppings all composed into a single cup is no simple feat. The Magnolia Bakery, however, takes on the challenge with a smile by dedicating an entire section of their menu to a spectacular presentation of cupcakes. One such masterpiece is none other than the Devil's Food Choco-Buttercream Cupcake. A heavily indulgent treat bathed in a delicious and mood-lifting chocolate buttercream icing encased in a smooth, moist devil's food cake base; this is the perfect fix for any chocolate craving.

The delightful specialty comes in a range of flavoured icings including mocha, cream cheese, and caramel cream cheese. The Magnolia Bakery whips up all things sweet from cookies, to fudge, to pies and cakes, you'll never be stuck for choice the next time you need a dose of chocolate in your day.

2. Brownie Mess in a Jar - Sugar Moo

Calling all brownie lovers, take note of this one! Fancy trying an ingenious twist to this beloved baked good? You're in for a treat at Sugar Moo! They feature a massive upgrade to their very own already-famous Nutella brownie. The Brownie Mess in a Jar tastes as good as it sounds, with house special brownies layered in between silky chocolate mousse, garnished with a slather of salted caramel drizzle. Yum! Sugar Moo's pastries are served larger than most dessert spots offers, making your next choice worth every penny.

For those who enjoy a more natural approach to sweet treats, Sugar Moo offers a variety of healthy dessert options from which to choose. As the first online bakery in Dubai, Sugar Moo is bringing baking into the 21st century with your next hunt for chocolate sorted at the click of a button.

3. Choc' Lovin' Cake - Johnny Rockets

The original American diner experience sets the tone at Johnny Rockets, who offers all-American desserts and shake favourites to top off a hearty meal. With a groovy atmosphere and old school charm, Johnny Rockets' delicious selection is never further than a click away. Dessert time at Johnny Rockets is one of the most anticipated parts of the meal with exciting options to chose from, bringing the best of the States right to your plate.

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! The Choc' Lovin' Cake is guaranteed to have you blissfully scraping the plate for every last bit. This work of art is prepared with a creamy pudding stuffed and slathered between layers of a rich, moist, chocolate-drowned cocoa cake. Proceed with sweet, sweet caution.

4. Bowloccino and Chocopotomus - Cereal Killer Café​

Although most creatures of habit tend to stick to one choice of cereal in the mornings, it's time to venture out of your comfort zone and try the wonderful world of cereal combos offered at the the Cereal Killer Café (cheeky name!). From tasty cereals to loads of toppings, to uniquely-flavoured milk, right down to the option of building your own bowls, the Cereal Killer Café has made a name for itself among the breakfast scene in Dubai. A few suggestions you have to try include the Bowloccino and the Chocopotomus, big bowls of absolute chocolate madness. Rightfully named, the Chocopotomus serves a combo of Krave, Coco Pops, and Happy Hippo cereals drenched in a deliciously sweetened chocolate milk. The Bowloccino, in the race to outdo its chocolate counterpart, offers a mixture of Coco pops, café curl, Nesquik and Flake served in espresso milk for an early morning kick-start to your day. Make your way through the list and indulge in the world of magical cereals you never knew existed!  

A sweet tooth will never be a challenge to satisfy again with these wonderful indulgent treats, and as always, Deliveroo is ready to help!

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