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  2. Step Up Your Veggie Game With These Chinese Classics
Step Up Your Veggie Game With These Chinese Classics

Step Up Your Veggie Game With These Chinese Classics

There is nothing quite like settling down with a Chinese takeaway and tucking into some of the tastiest cuisines in the world. There is so much to choose from, and the best dishes aren't just the meaty ones; vegetarian Chinese dishes are just as delicious and filling to keep you coming back for seconds. Here, we'll show you some of the tastiest Chinese veggie dishes around to add to your next order.

1. Rainbow Bean Curd Broth Vegetables, Royal China

Chinese soups are arguably some of the tastiest around so be sure to get your hands on the Rainbow Bean Curd Broth Vegetable soup served at Royal China. This hearty dish is perfect as a starter to your meal and is made with completely fresh ingredients and from an authentic Chinese recipe, just like all their dishes. Whether you're a vegetarian or just enjoy veggie dishes, this is a great dish to kick off your meal.

2. Spicy Mushroom Dim Sum, SOY

Dim Sum is another classic Chinese dish, with so much to fill them and each one being an utterly delicious addition to your meal. The Spicy Mushroom Dim Sum served over at SOY is no exception so be sure to order some to spice up your next order. They are served in five pieces so, whether you're sharing with a friend or keeping them for yourself, there are plenty for you to get your teeth stuck into!

3. Hong Kong Delight, Gypsy Chinese

For a hearty dish that will keep you filled and satisfied, try out the Hong Kong Delight served over at Gypsy Chinese for your next order. This dish is made up of vegetables blended in a soya sauce, spring onion, and a delicious garnish of fried cashews and aniseed flavouring. It is a dish bursting with flavour and packed with yummy vegetables all seasoned to perfection to make sure you make it a regular addition to your Chinese order.

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4. Chop Suey Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chop Suey

You can't very well order Chinese food and not get some spring rolls so, next time, be sure to add these Chop Suey Vegetable Spring Rolls from Chop Suey to your meal. These spring rolls are always super fresh and perfectly crispy, and they are served with chilli sauce, pickles, and a special house sauce to keep dipping into.

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Chinese veggie dishes are some of the tastiest on the menu so it is about time we start tasting more of them by ordering some of these dishes with your next meal. Whether you prefer slurping on a nice Chinese soup or digging into some delicious dim sum, do yourself a favour and open yourself up to a world of new veggie flavours with some of these tasty meals.

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