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Carb Crash Course - Dubai’s Tastiest Side Dishes

Carb crash course - Dubai’s tastiest side dishes

Every main course needs a tasty and exciting side to accompany those tantalising flavours and keep your tummy satisfied. Whether you're a vegetarian or dedicated carnivore, one thing everyone can agree on is that loading up on carbs is a great way to keep you energetic and ready to go all day long.

With a vast variety of restaurants serving delectable flavours to complement your favourite meals, we've put together a crash course on Dubai's top carb-packed side dishes!

1. Mac n' Cheese Classic - Clinton St. Baking Company

The Clinton St. Baking Company brings comfort food to new heights, serving timeless American classics with the finest of local ingredients. With carbs on our mind, there's no better example of true American cuisine than a hearty bowl of Mac n' Cheese - an all-time favourite among kids and adults alike. There's just something special about macaroni drenched in a hypnotic melting pot of Cheddar, Swiss, and Monterey cheeses, dusted with breadcrumbs for crunch and topped off with a garnish of spring onion. This carb overload will make you wish you could eat more while keeping you happily satisfied all day long. This meal is always the perfect choice for a side pairing perfectly with a tender steak or American style BBQ short ribs. The next time you find yourself looking for the tastiest carbs to satisfy your hunger, go for the Mac n' Cheese and you won't be sorry!

2. Nachos Grande - Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Latin lovers rejoice! Taqado Mexican Kitchen, UAE's awarded number one Taco and Burrito joint since 2012, brings the best of Mexican cuisine together with the freshest ingredients prepared daily. Although Tagado's Mexican Kitchen offers a delicious variety of options loaded with carbs, the Nachos Grade side dish is a platter worth trying first! The Nachos Grande goes great alongside your choice of burrito or tacos. A stack of authentic chips from Mexico generously topped with mouth-watering black beans, jalapenos, salsa, sour cream, cheese and last but not least, Tagado's cooling guacamole handmade every day makes this dish a carb fiesta within itself.

3. Belgian Truffle Fries - Markette

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Markette, known for their delicious selection of homemade meals prepared with pride, love, and the freshest ingredients, will have you licking the plate clean! Although their mains are delicious in every sense of the word, it's their sides that keep us coming back for more. Fries are a must-have with any big, juicy burger, and Markette serves some really intense varieties! If you're still going for Latin favourites, their wonderfully messy plates of chilli cheese fries topped with chilli con carne, guac and sour cream will do the trick. But for an even more exciting and savoury twist, Belgian Truffle fries should top your list! These homemade handcut potatoes are fried to perfection paired with a homemade truffle mayo sauce that will leave your taste buds in awe. The carb-o-licious sides go great alongside any of their homemade famous wraps, sandwiches, and healthy salads.

And if fries just aren't enough of everyone's favourite carb-y veggie, check out some of the city's craziest potato curries!

4. Pao de Queijo - Brazilian Roast Café​

When it comes to exciting and exotic sides, starters, and small plates, the Brazilian Roast Café does it best! Presenting an authentic Brazilian cuisine bursting with colour and flavour, this spot is sure to become your new favourite place to fill up on some much-needed carbs. Their Pao de Queijo is hands down the most delicious carb-packed accompaniment to any Brazilian meal. These tasty morsels combine the airy goodness of dough with the gooey sharp flavour of cheese so perfectly blended that you won't be able to tell the ingredients apart! A popular side dish in Brazil, Pao de Queijo adds a crispy yet deliciously soft carb-packed addition to any main course.

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