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  2. From curly fries to coconut rice, here are the world's most loved sides
Fancy a Bit on the Side? Curly Fries & More on the Menu Tonight!

From curly fries to coconut rice, here are the world's most loved sides

Side dishes are the underdogs in the food world, in a way. They never seem to garner as much attention as the main course, but when it comes down to it everyone's obsessed. Where would we be without our curly fries or our dauphinoise - or basically potatoes of any kind? Nowhere. That's where. American takeaway is notorious for offering us a whole range of side dishes to rival the mains, but other countries around the world have plenty for everyone to enjoy too. We've got the lowdown because - chances are - you'll find your dinner choices in the UAE being influenced by these countries.

1. The USA

We all know the Americans' favourite side - it's fries, of course! They're served with just about everything - usually of a burger or other meaty dish of some kind - and this trend has spread around the world. From loaded to sweet potato and even curly fries, you will find something fried and potato-like to accompany your dish to the table. And in the UAE, there is no shortage - they're served with everything! But there's nowhere quite as American here as TGI Friday's and their Memphis BBQ Sliders come along with waffle fries. Yep, that's just about as American as it gets.

2. India

Indian curries are so fragrant and flavourful that you simply can't leave any on your plate. That's where some good sides come into their own. Rice can really soak up the leftover juices and gives the whole dish an added kick, without letting any go to waste. Biryani rice at Indian Summer is amazing in its own right. It's flavoured basmati rice, so it's super nice - tasty in a way that doesn't make the curry do all the work but not overpowering. The perfect partner in crime to your favourite curry choice.

3. France

French food is indulgent and refined and its sides are no exception. Perhaps one of the most delectably decadent examples is the classic potato dauphinoise. These rich and creamy potatoes with just a hint of garlic and often even cheese are insanely addictive and go just as well on their own as they do with other veggies or meat. In true French style, you can indulge to your heart's content courtesy of Shakespeare and Co. Their Beef Tenderloin not only comes grilled to perfection, it also comes with all the good stuff on the side. Enjoy asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and mushroom with dauphinoise - of course - and a peppercorn sauce to finish it all off.

4. Italy

Where do you even begin with a country like Italy? Literally the crumbs leftover on someone's plate would be worthy enough to constitute an entire meal's worth of flavour, let alone just the sides. If we had to narrow down this wealth of amazing choices, we would probably choose a classic Caprese salad. At Abu Dhabi's Pizza Italians, they serve it just the way "nonna" would have made it back in the motherland. Fresh buffalo mozzarella, sliced vine tomatoes, fresh basil and virgin olive oil are all that's needed to bring this side to life.

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