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  2. You say tomato, we say potato – Try these great potato-based curry dishes today
You Say Tomato, We Say Potato – Try These Great Potato-Based Curry Dishes Today

You say tomato, we say potato – Try these great potato-based curry dishes today

Although we would never want to say goodbye to the flavour-packed, rich tomato-based curries like the creamy chicken tikka masala or the classic deep red of a lamb rogan josh, sometimes it's good to take a break and try something different. There is so much more to curry than having a tomato base, and some amazing dishes actually feature potatoes at the heart. What's more, all these vibrant curries can be delivered directly to your door with Deliveroo.

1. Massaman Curry With Beef

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Thailand is often hailed for its stir-frys and spicy salads, but it does also have some exceptional curries that can easily cut it alongside the famous Indian delights. One of these is the Massaman curry which originated in the south and has a strong, fulsome flavour. The dish has a fantastic peanut and coconut flavour, and features braised beef and soft potatoes at its core. Not all Thai restaurants will have Massaman on the menu, as it is not a staple dish in the capital of Bangkok. But luckily for residents of Dubai, it can be ordered from fresh from Fuchsia, who offer an eclectic mix of great Thai favourites with some modern twists.

2. Tawa Vegetarian

At Mint Leaf of London restaurant, there is a seriously strong vegetarian section which could arguably even attract full time meat eaters. One of the standout options on the menu at this swanky modern establishment is the Tawa Vegetarian, which features an assortment of carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, green peas, tomatoes, beans, and onions mixed up in a tangy masala sauce. In this exceptional offering, the potatoes almost act as a substitute for meat. Because the curry is so rich and packed with flavour, the starchy crop manages to soak it up beautifully.

3. Aloo Gobhi Udaigiri

Aloo Gobhi Udaigiri consists of cauliflower and potatoes, tossed in a curry leaf flavoured masala, which is tangy and spicy. This awesome vegetarian dish is available at Patiala, and is one of the most popular items on the menu of the restaurant which specialises in vegetarian fare but also has a few meat dishes on offer. It's a classic Punjabi dish which has a number of variations, and a lot of chefs will tend to put their own twist on it. The one on offer from Patiala and delivered straight to your door with Deliveroo is up there with the best we have tried.

4. Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is a well-known potato-based curry which originated from the Kashmir Valley. Differently to the other potato dishes on this list where the potatoes are cooked in the sauce, in this curry the potatoes are first fried and then cooked slowly in the spicy sauce. This cooking method serves to enrich the flavour of the dish, and has led it to become one of the most coveted offerings on the menu of 25 Degrees North in Bay Square.

Try all of these amazing curries, delivered directly to your door, with Deliveroo.

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