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4 Simple and Straightforward Ways to Combat Food Waste

Four fantastic tips for getting on top of food waste

All around the world, ordinary people like you and me are throwing away hundreds of tonnes of food each year. Not only is this bad for our bank balances – because who wants to spend their dollar on food they'll never use? – but it also has a detrimental impact on the environment. It may seem like a minor problem, but it's one we need to get on top of and every single one of us can play our part. Fear not! You can still indulge in your choice takeaway options, whether you love a good American burger or a nice healthy salad bowl. But we're encouraging you to do so while sparing a thought for the world around you, and here are four fantastic ideas to get you going.

1. Check the temperature of your fridge

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When we said it was easy for us all to help to tackle the problem, we meant it. Most of the solutions to an issue like food waste are simple and checking the temperature of your fridge is a prime example. So when you order up your next Five Guys feast and the Hamburger is just a little too much (it comes with up to 15 toppings - we get it!), just take a minute to look at the setting before you chuck it in the fridge for tomorrow. With the dial down between zero and five degrees, your food will last longer and you don't risk having to chuck it away.

2. Think about your storage solutions

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A properly acclimatised fridge is one great way to prevent food loss, but so too is having a think about what you put into it. Some things keep much better outside of such a cold environment, such as bread, bananas, pineapples, potatoes and onions. This means that the next time you order that gorgeous Garlic Bread from Galito's, the leftovers should find their way into your bread bin and nowhere else!

3. Freeze your five a day

We all like to indulge in some fresh fruit and veg on occasion, but it's fair to say that this is a perishable that perishes fast. So, what should you do to prevent waste if you've ordered a Sunny Day Salad from Fruit Monsters for dessert, only to find you're too full to eat it? Stick it straight in the freezer, of course. Losing none of its flavour and keeping all of its goodness, this is a great solution for preserving green stuff and has some big boons for both your wallet and the wider world.

4. Don't overestimate your appetite

The freezer may have saved the fruit salad but, in general, pondering your portion sizes is the preferred way to cut your food waste. Although most of us suffer from "belly bigger than our eyes" syndrome, one sure fire way for the excess wind up in the trash is by ordering too much in the first place. We know the feeling when you're so full but the Tiramisu from Certo Italian is just too good to pass up - so show that you care by sharing it. The environment will thank you for it!

So, now you know - you can cut your food waste with renouncing your takeaway treats. Put these tricks to the test today, with Deliveroo.  

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