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Hold the Beef Please - Delicious Veggie Burritos

Hold the beef please - delicious veggie burritos

Burritos are some of the most well-known Mexican dishes around, they are packed with yummy goodies such as rice and beans and vegetables to keep you filled for hours. A lot of them come with meat, but there are also some really interesting ways for veggies to enjoy their burritos. Let's look at some of the best veggie burritos in the city.

1. Veggie Burrito - Maria Bonita

Once you're finished with your starters, it's time to move on to a filling, hearty and tasty main dish, which is where the Veggie Burrito over at Maria Bonita comes in. These tortilla wraps are absolutely jam-packed with delicious Mexican goodies such as pinto beans, Mexican fried rice, refried beans and pico de gallo to top it all off. There is no meat needed to make this burrito explode with flavour, so be sure to pick one up next time you hear your stomach growl and you'll be full for hours!

2. Choley Masala Burrito - Wrap Chic

If there's something as good as Mexican food, it has got to be Indian food. So why not fuse them together? That's exactly what the guys over at Wrap Chic have done with their Choley Masala burrito filling. This veggie wrap is made with your choice of either tomato or pilau rice, black or red kidney beans, and a huge range of fillings. The Choley Masala filling is made with chickpeas packed in a protein-rich special sauce as well as a delicious tikka sauce. This flavoursome burrito is a treat to your taste buds and you'll be coming back for it time and time again.

3. Breakfast Burrito - Joe and Son's Café

Start your day off right with one of the breakfast burritos from Joe and Son's Café. Get all your breakfast favourites in one wrap which is served with three organic scrambled eggs, grilled onions and capsicum. It is a great dish to grab as you go or to savour and enjoy, so whatever your pace of life, be sure to pick one up in the morning.

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4. Monster California Burrito - Challo's Mexican Grill

If you're hungry and feeling up for the challenge, then take on the Monster California Burrito from Challo's Mexican Grill. This beast of a burrito is made with an extra-large flour tortilla which is filled to the brim with rice, beans, a veggie filling (including guacamole), cheese, salsa, sour cream and french fries. This is no challenge to be scoffed at, so if you're feeling lucky then give it a whirl (or just bring a friend or two to help you out). It's probably the tastiest challenge around!

Next time lunchtime comes around, treat yourself with a filling and tasty veggie burrito. These options prove once and for all that you don't need any meat to make a great burrito. Be sure to give one of these veggie delights a whirl and we promise you won't be disappointed!

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