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Dish Of The Day: Burrito

Dish of the day: burrito

Burritos have well and truly established their place on the global foodie scene – they're practically Tex-Mex royalty. And they're a firm favourite here in the UAE too – places all over are going with the Mexican vibe, with restaurants like Tortilla, Taqado Mexican Kitchen and Chalco's Mexican Grill getting in on the fun.

Going through the motions

off with crisp shreds of lettuce, mild or fiery salsa, chipotle sauce, maybe some guacamole, a generous handful of cheese, cooling sour cream and various vegetables. And roll.

The sky is your limit when it comes to your burrito fillings. Meat, vegetables, seafood, you name it, we promise it'll go great in these perfect parcels.

Unknown origins

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We actually have no concrete evidence of where the globally loved burrito came from. Some think it spans as 1895 when it first popped as an entry in the Diccionario de Mexicanismos. However in Spanish burrito means 'little donkey', and other people use this logic to credit a guy named Juan Méndez, who sold an early version of the burrito from the back of his donkey-drawn cart around the start of the 19th century.

No matter what the story behind the name is, we know that burritos made their way into America by the 1900s, became bigger and bolder, and the burrito as we know it today was born.

Now that's a wrap

Here in the UAE we have a whole host of Mexican partners whipping up this classic. At Tortilla they give you a base of a soft flour tortilla with rice, beans, vegetables, cheese and sour cream, then they leave the rest up to you. Sub in your choice of meat and you're good to go. They follow the same kind of process over at Taqado Mexican Kitchen too, but they also let you ditch the tortilla and get all of your favourite goodies in a much-healthier boxed version.

And last but not least, at Chalco's they're all about customisation. From the tortilla to the topping, cheese to the salad, you can choose what you want bundled up from start to finish.

Fancy a burrito? Check out some of our Tex-Mex favourites here on Deliveroo.

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