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Dish Of The Day: Chicken Wings

Dish of the day: chicken wings

Forget your table manners and get ready for a messy meal. Perfect for sharing, a bowl of chicken wings is one of those irresistible dishes that always tempts you to have just one more, even when your hands, face and clothes are covered in spicy, sticky, lip-smacking sauce.

Original Wings & Rings offers up 12 signature sauces, while over at Wingsters you'll find 22 flavours to choose from. Rootz puts a Jamaican spin on the traditional chicken wing, bringing a Caribbean flavour to the American classic. Are you ready to get your wings on?

One is never enough

Chicken wings didn't become irresistibly addictive by accident. Marinades and sauces are typically made from a handful of punchy ingredients such as soy sauce, garlic, honey, mustard, vinegar, chilli and pepper – all designed to complement the crispy chicken skin and the soft juicy meat, then have you licking your fingers for every last drop of those mighty flavours.

Classic wings are served on the bone, making it extra fiddly to get those last morsels of flesh – and covering your face in sauce in the process. Now, some places serve wings boneless too, but gnawing away like a caveman is all part of the chicken wings fun.

Wing woman

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When Teresa Bellissimo – of Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York – had to rustle up some late night food for her son and his friends in 1964, all she had in the kitchen were chicken wings meant for a big pot of stock. She deep-fried them instead, covered them in a spicy, buttery sauce, and the rest is history. From these humble beginnings, an icon was born.

Chicken wings are now a well-established part of the cultural landscape in America. Whenever there's a big game, the wings get eaten by the ton – especially in sports bars. The town of Buffalo even holds an annual Chicken Wing Day in their honour, and around 27 tons of chicken wings are eaten across the two day festival.

Chicken champions

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The philosophy at Original Wings and Rings can be summed up by their tag line: 'How do you make the perfect chicken wing? Any way you want'. They are all about choice here, giving you 12 flavour options for your bone-in or boneless wings. And the heat can be dialled up from 'mild' to 'atomic.'

Wingsters also have a good range of sauces, all with gangster names and glorious flavour combinations such as The Korean Henchman, mixing Korean fried chicken with classic American flavours. But the Bonnie & Clyde is one of our favourites – made of pink sauce, plenty of parmesan cheese, and a little bit of spice.

Alternatively, liven up your lunch break with a little Jamaican spice from Roots. They specialise in jerk-marinated chicken wings, left to soak overnight and slow-cooked in a customised jerk pan. If you're looking for fusion wings, you've come to the right spot.

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