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Dish Of The Day: Gyoza

Dish of the day: gyoza

Why make a meal out of mains when appetisers can be just as exciting? It's certainly true when it comes to gyoza. Thin, doughy and absolutely delicious, these Asian dumplings really are a dish to make a fuss over.

Typically served as a snack or starter, gyoza are filled to the brim with mouthwatering ground meat or zingy mixed vegetables. At Chez Sushi, you've got a tough choice – it is going to be the prawn and coriander combination or a vegetable packed delight? Yo! Sushi stick with tradition and give you a classy selection of chicken or beef with a savoury sauce to dip – and at Motomachi, they're all about tender pan-fried chicken with their Tori Gyoza.

Little packages of delight

Ultra-light and wrapped up in the thinnest of doughs, gyoza are an ideal easy lunch if you're stuck at your desk or as part of a supper to share with friends.

Traditionally cooked in one of two ways, pan fried or boiled, your gyoza can take a range of textures. But for a delicate, airy finish, the gyoza served at Chez Sushi are grilled and served up with a sweet and tangy ponzu sauce for dipping.

You say pot sticker, I say gyoza

Although a popular Japanese dish, gyoza actually originate from China. Called jiaozi, the little dumplings, also called pot stickers in Chinese cooking, have always been prized for their versatility. In Japanese cuisine, the dumplings are slightly more delicate, with a more finely textured filling.

Our gyoza picks

When you're new to Asian cooking – or gyoza themselves – it's sometimes best to keep it classic. At Yo! Sushi, you're given your gyoza straight up with no surprises. Choose from chicken or beef and be sure to dunk away in their signature dipping sauce.

When you're a Japanese cuisine pro – or you're ready to break out of your culinary comfort zone – you can try something new. Bucking the trend are the types of gyoza that are stuffed with shrimp or cheese, but as long as they're crispy and give you that blissful crunch, your choice is golden. Get in on the gyoza trends with the Prawn and Coriander version at Chez Sushi.

And achieving that crispy bottom is a craft in itself. At Motomachi, the chicken dumplings are traditionally pan fried. But without a little culinary skill, the crisp won't crunch. Part steamed, part pan fried, the careful cooking process is key to creating those fluffy parcels full of flavour.

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