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Dish Of The Day: Hummus

Dish of the day: hummus

Smooth, creamy and unbelievably satisfying. There's nothing better – or typically Arabic – than a perfectly swirled bowl of simple hummus. And Bait Misk, Hala Lebanese Organic and The Hummus House get that too, but that doesn't mean they stick to tradition with their hummus offerings…

Traditional takes


It's a simple formula nutty chickpeas, tahini or sesame paste, garlic, cumin and a sprinkling of salt behind the magic of this globally adored dip. Traditionally you'd find it crowned with whole chickpeas, a good dousing of olive oil and a vibrant pattern of paprika, but nowadays you'll find everything from avocado to pomegranate topping off your hummus. Add in strips of a freshly baked khubz and you're in for a real treat.

And the good news doesn't stop there, it's actually super good for you ­– low in saturated fat, high in fibre and full of protein – it seems we've got a lot to thank hummus for.

A history of hummus

The history of this wonder is firmly linked to its main ingredient – the chickpea. They popped up in the Middle East around 7,500 years ago, and there's even evidence suggesting that Egyptians first used this humble little legume in hummus as far back as the 13th century.

And it's been well and truly secured on the Emirati dining table for centuries, with loads of places to this day serving it up with style.

Classic to the contemporary

Its simplicity is the secret to its never-ending popularity – it's super versatile and easily customisable to every taste. So if you like all those classic Middle Eastern flavours, Bait Misk is the place for you. Here you'll find everything from Fatteh Hummus, to one topped with meat and pine seeds.

If you want to push the flavour boat out a bit more, head to Hala Lebanese Organic. From the avocado topped to the Italian-inspired pesto version, you'll find something to love here. For us, it's the Figgy Hummus every time, the fruit bringing this savoury treat to a new sweeter level.

Over at the aptly named Hummus House, they've got all sorts of chickpea-filled treats on offer. Go for the classic Carrot and Coriander, or opt for something a bit fierier with their jalapeno topped take. We love the Sundried Tomato version, but the Pomegranate is also up there as one of our favourites.


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