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Dish Of The Day: Pasta Arrabbiata

Dish of the day: pasta arrabbiata

You might be mellow in life, but when it comes to eating Italian, opting for anger has its advantages. For punchy flavour and a whole lot of heat, order pasta arrabbiata. It literally means 'angry' in Italian, which says a lot about the dish itself. Combining tomatoes with garlic and red chilli peppers, this signature Italian dish isn't for the faint hearted.

Best kept classic, you'll often find the feisty Italian staple served with penne pasta and the standard three-ingredient sauce that we know and love. Vicolo Italian Street Food and Massimo's Italian Restaurant serve it traditionally to a tee, while Red Tomato Pizza add a small twist with a few chilli seeds to season.

The spicy but simple pasta sauce

Some of the world's best dishes are as simple as they come. And pasta arrabbiata is no different. Taking fresh pasta and tossing it in the vibrant sauce, you end up with a dish that's anything but delicate.

Packing a whole lot of power in just one plate, tucking into arrabbiata is a sensation. First you're met with the sweet, smooth garlicky tomato base and then it hits you. The heat. A traditional recipe won't scrimp on the spice – the red chillies are fierce. At Vicolo, opt for a little cheese on top to add a creamy cooling finish to fight the fire.

It's all in the name

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It might not make sense for a meal to be angry, but when you taste this fiery delight, you soon learn why. It's that kind of heat that you fall head over heels for.

Arrabbiata holds that perfect combination of spicy but sweet. You don't have to be a huge lover of heat to appreciate that this is a dish of dreams. But if you have no tolerance for tang, it's worth asking for your order to be made just that bit milder – or with a sprig of parsley on top, like they do at Massimo, to help cut through the heat.

Will yours be penne, spaghetti or linguine?

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The beauty in each pasta dish is that you can make it your own. If you find no fault in a traditional arrabbiata, keep things classy and go with penne. At Red Tomato Pizza, that's their pasta of choice. But, if you're bored of the basic, you can always jazz it up.

Maybe you're in the mood for heartier option? Opting for whole wheat pasta might be worth your while, and we'll always be with you if you want something on the side. And if you're determined to try arrabbiata with a difference, switch out the popular penne for strings of spaghetti or ribbon-like linguine for a fork-twirling feast – or swap classic pizza sauce out for the arrabbiata instead, and fuse two Italian classics into one dish.

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