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Dish Of The Day: Pepperoni Pizza

Dish of the day: pepperoni pizza

Not many foods can work for any occasion, but pepperoni pizza wins every time. Quick, simple and bursting with flavour, this Italian crispy dish is great for both group get-togethers and chilled evenings alone.

Made traditionally or with an American twist, there are many takes on the pepperoni pizza. At Pizza Express you'll find your favourite topping joined by hot and spicy peppers. The Pizza Factory uses turkey ham and mushrooms for a Calabrian celebration, and NKD Pizza's sausage, hamburger and turkey ham combination make for even more of a meaty treat.

A classic Italian choice

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Authentic pepperoni pizza features incredibly simple ingredients. Thick or thin, the tomato passata-dressed base is decorated with creamy mozzarella and slices of the star ingredient, punchy pepperoni. Effortless and elegant, it's no surprise that the pepperoni pizza is now a famous Italian classic.

Packing a lot of power when it comes to taste, the dry cured sausage is the ideal contrast to the sweet tomato sauce and smooth gooey cheese. Get it on a proper crispy base that's hand-stretched and wafer thin, or go down the American route with a deep-pan pie.

Way back when

Like pasta and risotto, pizza is one of Italian food's world-renowned dishes. And its roots are just as humble as you might expect. Ancient Italians used to dress flatbreads with toppings for added flavour. When tomato sauce came into the equation, the pizza we all know and love was born.

But it's passion that makes food truly Italian. Dishes are always crafted with love, and combine generations of carefully curated recipes that speak for themselves. Whether your pizza is trendy or traditional, that same signature taste always shines through.

Hot, hotter or hottest?

You don't have to love spice to love pepperoni pizza. But, if you're a fan of hot food, kick the heat up a notch with perfectly paired toppings. Whether you choose sweet bell peppers, fiery jalapeños or a generous helping of chillis, the pepperoni pizza was made to be tailored. Pizza Express lets you customise your levels of heat with their American Hot – and American Hottest – Rome-inspired pizzas.

But don't let the spice fool you – pepperoni pizza is more about flavour than fire. To keep it classic, The Pizza Factory's Calabria gives you straight-up pepperoni paired with mushrooms to offer a more mellow taste. And then, there's always a modern twist. We're big fans of the Omnivore from NKD Pizza. It complements the knockout Italian sausage with beef burger bits, mushrooms, bell peppers and black olives for a new-meets-old take on the topping.

Ready for a classic taste sensation? Traditional and trendy pepperoni pizzas can be brought to your door with Deliveroo.

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