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Dish Of The Day: Rogan Josh

Dish of the day: rogan josh

What makes rogan josh taste so good? It turns out that mixing exotic spices from North India with meat, almonds, coconut and yoghurt is a combination that we just can't resist. The authentic Indian curry is a firm favourite on the best menus – and we're lucky to have it all over the place here in the UAE. We've rounded up three Dubai favourites, Punjabi by Nature, Bombay Bungalow and Curry Culture, all set to help you get your rogan josh on.

Signature deep red

The deep red colouring of rogan josh's thick sauce comes from the dried Kashmiri chillies used to prepare it. But don't be fooled – under its fiery guise, this creamy dish is actually milder than other curries – so if you're not too keen on spice, it's a great option to go for.

Rogan josh is prepared differently around the world, but it's usually lamb or goat meat at its core. The trademark flavour comes from a complex formula of garlic, ginger, whole black pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander and red pepper that are cooked in oil, before adding in the meat and plain yoghurt and cooked over low heat. The spices infuse the meat, making it spiced all through.

The pride of Kashmiri culture 

Most sources say that rogan josh came to India from Persia, what's now known as Iran. A clan of people called the Mughals travelled from Persia to Kashmir, and brought with them our beloved curry – and it's been a staple ever since.

The dish is so popular in Indian that it's also one of the main dishes of the Wazwan, a Kashmiri multi-course meal mostly served at weddings. The Wazwan traditionally has 36 courses which can vary, but rogan josh is one of only seven dishes that get a permanent place on the menu.

Flying the flag for India

If you want to be transported to the sun-baked streets of India, then Punjabi by Nature's Lamb Rogan Josh shouldn't be missed. It's cooked in a creamy brown onion gravy and is scented with robust spices – pair yours with steamed basmati rice and dip in your tandoori naan to soak up the richness.

Also flying the flag for curry fans is Bombay Bungalow's Kashmiri-style slow-cooked mutton and onion masala Rogan Josh – a mixture of onion, garlic, tomatoes and aromatic spices. Or how about Curry Culture's top-notch offering? It's cooked by the best chefs and is beautifully presented – complete yours with warm and soft roomali roti.

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