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Dish Of The Day: Singapore Noodles

Dish of the day: Singapore noodles

If you haven't haven't had the pleasure of enjoying Singapore noodles just yet – you're in for a treat. These stir-fried noodles are enjoyed all over the world, including loads of places here in the UAE. Royal China's subs in prawns for the noodle companion, while The Noodle House takes it a step further, combining prawns and chicken for extra richness. And you'll find that Wokyo Noodle Bar's version packs a spicy punch and is perfect for the vegetarian crowd. These noodles mean business.

Nothing but the noodle

Stir-fried rice vermicelli noodles are at the heart of proper Singapore noodles, whipped up with vegetables, eggs, and some kind of meat – usually chicken, beef or prawns. Curry powder is added, giving its signature vibrant yellow colour, and you'll often find ginger and garlic tossed in too.

But the real beauty of Singapore noodles is in its flexibility. Vegetarian or meat based. Spicy or mild. The ingredient world is your oyster with this one, so put on your thinking cap and choose your favourite flavour medleys. The noodles are the constant, lightly cooked before they're briefly tossed in a fiery wok.

Don't judge a noodle by its name

The origins of Singapore noodles are fuzzy. While it's a logical jump to assume they came from the country of their namesake, it's actually incorrect. No one actually knows who, where, or why these noodles were rustled up.

There are a few guesses out there linking it to Cantonese cuisine, and this is down to its similarity to Ha Moon Chow Mei Fun – basically the noodles we know and love minus the curry powder. All that we know for certain is that they're one of the best noodles out there.

Chicken, prawn or pure?

With so many variations out there, it's no wonder that this dish is loved far and wide. But sometimes you just want it the classic way, and Royal China are experts at delivering in these times of need. Their thin rice vermicelli and delicate fresh prawn contrasts with the crunchy beansprouts and sliced green chilli.

Wokyo Noodle Bar puts a modern spin on tradition, so their light and healthy version is both vegan and gluten free – but without skimping on flavour. Chillies and ginger add in a not-so-subtle fiery hit, while a crunchy peanut sauce brings it all together with an earthy flavour.

For those who can't decide between seafood and poultry, The Noodle House has all the answers. Succulent chicken and prawn add different savoury flavour dimensions, while bright green bok choi and citrusy notes from coriander leaves bring further intensity.

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