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  2. From doner and gyros to souvlaki and kleftiko, here's the ultimate in gorgeous Greek!
Doner, Gyros, Souvlaki and Kleftiko - This is How You Eat Greek

From doner and gyros to souvlaki and kleftiko, here's the ultimate in gorgeous Greek!

You might have heard of the film Get Him To The Greek - but what if you don't want to send HIM to the Greek? What if YOU want the Greek? And what if you want it to come to you? So many questions...

Don't panic. Luckily, this is all more than possible. The rise of Greek takeaways in Dubai has meant that you can enjoy the taste of the cuisine wherever you are in the area, at almost any time of day. Food from Greece and its neighbouring countries is often very versatile, but one thing in particular that they've got nailed down is meat.

The Greek veggie dining scene is having a major moment right now, and we salute it. But sometimes omnivores want to enjoy a little more. And that's fine! This is a cuisine that excels in both - that's why we love it.

So, what dishes do we recommend? Well, let's see!

1. Classic Doner Pita With Feta Meal from Doner Deli

Doner Deli has such a big range of doner on their menu, it's been hard to choose a dish to recommend most. However, in sticking with the Greek theme, the Classic Doner Pita with Feta Meal should go down a real treat. There's a bit of a fusion thing going on here - the restaurant uses German doner meat - and it's served up in a pita with feta cheese (there's nothing more Greek than feta!). Meat and cheese has long been heralded as a winning combination, and the reason why is easy to see.

2. Garden Style Gyros from Doner and Gyros

Despite the classic gyros offering from Doner and Gyros being absolutely delicious, there's also the option to lighten things up with the Garden Style Gyros. So what exactly does that mean? You get a hearty serving of versatile grilled veggies to complement the tender and succulent meat. It's a little less heavy, so it's a lot more healthy. Traditional, garlicy tzatziki sauce finishes the whole thing off perfectly.

3. Souvlaki Sandwich from El Greco

Did you know? Souvlaki literally means "little skewer", and that's exactly how the meat for this sandwich is made. El Greco pays close attention to traditional Greek cooking methods, and the results really pay off. The chicken cubes are marinated for flavour and taste - we detect garlic and herbs on there for sure! Finally, the meat is bundled into a pita with tomatoes, onions and chips, then served alongside fries and an included drink.

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4. Kleftiko Roast Lamb from Eat Greek

This Greek-Cypriot dish is really popular around those parts, and it's getting ever more popular here as well. Enjoy lamb made in the very best way, slow roasted on the bone by the aptly named Eat Greek Kouzina. It's first marinated and left to soak up garlic and lemon juice. The shank is then served alongside vegetables, for the ultimate in a Mediterranean meat-lover's dream.

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Greek is gorgeous no matter what you're ordering, so why not try a range of different things by ordering on Deliveroo? You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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