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Dubai Breakfasts to Suit Your Lifestyle

Dubai Breakfasts to Suit Your Lifestyle

Whether you're looking for a lazy breakfast in bed or a quick pre-work energy boost, we've got some irresistible breakfasts worth waking up for.  You can even schedule your breakfast delivery in advance to avoid wasting precious time in the morning.

#1-  The After-Party Breakfast

So last night got a little out of control, and leaving the comfort of your blankie is unthinkable.  Problem is, you're mad hungry and want something sinfully delicious to satisfy you.  You can't go wrong with a salted butter caramel crepé with Nutella or jam to satisfy your cravings.


We Suggest: Salted Butter Caramel Crepe | Heol Bistrot

[Delivers around Jumeirah Lake Towers]

#2-  The Vegan Breakfast

Vegan?  Good job, we know how challenging it is to avoid meat, eggs, dairy and honey!  A healthy vegan breakfast should ideally include fruits, nuts and seeds to maintain adequate protein levels.  A porridge is a tasty way to nourish yourself as you read the paper on a lazy Friday morning.


We Suggest: Vegan Porridge | Fraiché

[Delivers around Jumeirah Lake Towers]

#3-  The Couples Breakfast

Spend a relaxed, romantic morning in bed with French toast covered in caramelized pineapple, passion fruit, mango puree, vanilla cream, coconut flakes and kiwi?  Exotically delicious!


We Suggest: Back to Hawaii French Toast | Friends' Avenue Café

[Delivers around Jumeirah Lake Towers]

#4-  Breakfast of Champions

Big day ahead?  Kick-start your morning with a hearty traditional English Breakfast!  Old school, greasy and gorgeous; one of life's simple pleasures.  This breakfast will appeal to British expats and anyone else craving eggs (scrambled, fried, poached or omelet), sausages, bacon and baked beans with juice, tea or coffee.


We Suggest: Full English Breakfast | Pantry Café

[Delivers around Business Bay and Al Safa]

#5-  The Sweet-Tooth Breakfast

No time to make the kids their usual nutritious breakfast?  Treat them to donuts dipped in chocolate with M&M toppings, and they'll be bragging to their friends about you in no time. #BrowniePoints

If you've got a sweet tooth you're probably tempted to order these for yourself too... It's okay, we won't tell! ^_^


We Suggest: Kids Surprise | Il Donaccino

[Delivers around Jumeirah Lake Towers]

Remember, a good breakfast can turn your day around!

[Disclaimer: This blog is based on personal opinions, experience and research.  We love food, but are no substitute to professional health and dietary professionals.]

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