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Comforting  Italian and American Cuisine for de-stressing in Dubai

Comforting Cuisine for Coming Down From a Chaotic Day

After a hard day's work, you really need to kick back and de-stress with some comfort food. Although it's great to eat healthy cuisine most of the time, there's nothing wrong with allowing yourself to have a little treat every now and then. Everyone has a different idea of dishes that serve the purpose of making the world a better place again after you were just about ready to throw in the towel. For some, it's pizza, for others, burgers. In Dubai, there are numerous options to suit everyone's tastes. Here we have listed some of the standout choices, which can all be ordered for delivery and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa.

1. Classic Salami and Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza is the definitive comfort food. The Italian classic is adored all over the world, and there are pizza parlours in nearly every major city. Dubai is home to a number of fantastic venues, and 800 Pizza in Al Barsha is one which is well worth checking out. There are a number of unique and creative options available, but if you want the perfect de-stressing item it has to be the Classic Salami and Pepperoni Pizza. These typical Italian flavours topped with lashings of cheese just can't be beaten.

2. BBQ, Bacon and Cheddar Burger

UNO Chicago Grill is an American restaurant which prides itself on providing its customers with the best and heartiest range of foods from the USA. There is a wide selection on offer, with all of the menu choices providing that comforting factor which is so desperately needed after a long, hard day at the office. When it comes to American food, does it get any better than the classic hamburger? The list of patties in buns on the menu is extensive, but for the ultimate de-stress treat we have selected the BBQ, Bacon, and Cheddar burger. This has to be the perfect combination of toppings for a burger, wouldn't you agree?

3. Manhattan Original Hot Dog

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If you feel like some greasy and filling New York street food, check out NYD New York Street Food. It's a restaurant which specialises in the type of food you would find at a food truck in the Big Apple, and is home to some exceptional burgers and hot dogs. Here we have selected the Manhattan Original, which is simply covered in ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and crispy onions. Now that's a winning formula.

4. Traditional Wings with Fries and Dip

Chicken wings are the ideal food item for casually munching on as you wind down from a difficult day at work. And if you manage to pin down the correct wing technique of removing the smaller bone first, you can eat them without wasting any meat whatsoever. This is a method you will want to master before trying the wings at Original Wings & Rings, where they are smothered in a truly flavoursome sauce.

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