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  2. Luscious meat-free Lebanese dishes that are ideal for vegetarians
Dubai's Best Vegetarian Lebanese Restaurant Dishes

Luscious meat-free Lebanese dishes that are ideal for vegetarians

Lebanese food is known for being healthy and wholesome, while at the same time mouth-wateringly delicious. The country is famous for its street food and shawarmas, and it is becoming more internationally recognised each year. In Dubai, there are many different places serving up vibrant Lebanese dishes that are absolutely bursting with flavour. Vegetarians are well catered for as well, and some of the best things on the menu at Lebanese restaurants are meat-free. Let us take you through some of the standout options which can be ordered for delivery in Dubai.

1. Baked Green Falafel

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The falafel is considered by many to be pure genius. The dish is a deep fried ball made from chickpeas and fava beans and acts as a perfect filling for pita bread. At Man'oushe Street, the falafel mix is baked until crispy and topped with fresh, crunchy lettuce and ripe, juicy tomatoes. It's then drizzled with a rich and luxurious sesame seed sauce. Even lifelong meat eaters will go wild for this Middle Eastern classic.

2. Spinach Fatayer

For people who are unfamiliar with fatayers, they are simply a must-try dish for fans of Lebanese cuisine. They are the Middle Eastern version of a meat pie but are often stuffed with vegetarian-friendly food items such as spinach and cheese. The spinach fatayer at Al Mandaloun can be found in the Mouajjanat section of the menu and is a triangle-shaped pastry which is also filled with minced onions and nuts. This is a supremely healthy yet filling option and tastes absolutely wonderful.

3. Moajanat Moshakala

The Moajanat Moshakala at Al Nafoorah is one of the most popular items on the menu due to its complex blend of bold flavours which burst into your mouth with every bite. The much-loved restaurant in the Emirates tower serves up a wide variety of hot mezzas, but for vegetarians, this selection of cheese rakakat, spinach fatayer, and fried kibbeh is the stand out option. There are other options for non-meat eaters on the menu as well, such as the Hindba Bil Zaite, and the Moutabel, both of which are excellent choices in the Cold Mezza section.

4. Saffron Caramel

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For those fancying something slightly sweeter, why not go for the Saffron Caramel at Mezza House on Sheikh Zayed Road. The restaurant specialises in soul food from the Levant region and prides itself on putting unrivalled passion into every dish. While the menu is full of Lebanese favourites such as the selection of cold and hot mezzas, there are also some interesting desserts on offer for those with a sweet tooth. For unparalleled luxury and a pudding that melts in your mouth with every bite, look no further than this saffron flavoured cream caramel, which comes served with a side of fresh strawberries.

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