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  2. Like your pizzas covered in carnivorous cuts? Try these meat feasts
The best meat feasts pizzas in Dubai

Like your pizzas covered in carnivorous cuts? Try these meat feasts

Pizzas began as vegetarian dishes when they were invented, topped simply with tomato sauce, cheese and basil. But they didn't come into their own until chefs started topping them with meats. Exquisite food items like pepperoni and salami are made to be on pizza, and when you add other ingredients such as sausages and ham to that combination it enhances the whole dish even more. Carnivores absolutely love sinking their teeth into massive juicy burgers or succulent ribs, but for many, a meat feast pizza is the only way to go and other options just simply can't contend. So here we have listed some of the best meaty treats going in Dubai, all of which can be ordered for delivery directly to your door.

1. Zcarnivore

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Zpizza is a world-famous pizza company that hails all the way from sunny California. Their reach has expanded over the years due to the much-loved food on offer and the company's devotion to providing the best of the best. For meat lovers, look no further than the Zcarnivore, which is covered in pepperoni, smoked beef ham, smoked bacon, and beef sausage.

2. Pulled Lamb

Some carnivores love to have their pizzas topped with as many different varieties of meat as possible, but others prefer quality over quantity. For the latter group, the Pulled Lamb Pizza at Carluccio's in Dubai Mall will be right up their street. The authentic Italian restaurant has plenty of classics on offer, but also serves up unique treats such as this one. It features a healthy amount of shredded slow-cooked lamb, accompanied by sublime feta cheese, rosemary, and fresh mint.

3. Calzone

While pizzas that are covered in various meats are undoubtedly amazing, there is a strong argument for sometimes opting for a pizza which is stuffed with delicious cuts. At Rossovivo Artisan Pizza, the chefs use a traditional process from Naples where the dough is resting for 12 hours. This makes for an exceptional crust, and the restaurant offers up a calzone option so customers can really enjoy the bread. The folded pizza is stuffed with some prime meats, including beef salami and turkey ham, which are perfectly accompanied by some rich ricotta cheese.  

4. Classic Meat Feast

800 Pizza is a pizza franchise in the UAE which started in 2006 due to one man's passion for authentic and hearty Italian food. Alessandro D'Ubaldo wanted to take Italian tradition and hospitality to the Middle East, and started off with a quaint restaurant in Al Barsha. Now, there are numerous restaurants bearing the famous name, and they serve up some of the most succulent pizzas around. Carnivores are well catered for with the Classic Meat Feast, which is covered in beef meat balls, beef pepperoni, chicken, turkey ham, and mixed bell peppers. But there are also some more innovative creations on the menu, such as the Classic Creamy Chicken.

We know you're licking your lips at the thought of all this amazing comfort food, so open up Deliveroo and order one of these delightful dishes to your door right now!

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