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  2. Explore Dubai’s Sensational Seafood With These Fantastic Dishes!
Explore Dubai’s Sensational Seafood with These 4 Fantastic Dishes

Explore Dubai’s Sensational Seafood With These Fantastic Dishes!

For all the seafood enthusiasts out there, there's no place that serves more diverse and tastier options than right here in the heart of Dubai, from seafood pastas to stunning fish curry. Fantastic seafood dishes from all over the world gather in the hub of the Middle East with countless restaurants serving absolutely riveting dishes of all kinds. Delicately scrumptious crab meat, juicy shrimp, fresh lobster and oh-so-much more are just a few of the mind-blowing dishes waiting to be delivered from every corner! With that said, it's time to check out some of the most sensational seafood dishes available in the heart of Dubai!

1. Chilli Garlic Shrimps

First on our list of wonders from the sea is the Chilli Garlic Shrimp dish from Urban Seafood. Thick, juicy and succulent tiger shrimps are cooked to perfection and drenched in a buttery Thai chilli sauce, making for the ultimate spicy dish you owe yourself to try! Each chilli garlic shrimp dish is served alongside steamed rice, providing every hungry customer with a wholesome, satisfying meal. Urban Seafood serves a selection of seafood dishes with exciting recipes and locally caught fresh fish including sea bream and sole fish, cooked intricately with fresh ingredients and spices that are guaranteed to hit the spot no matter what you choose.

2. Mixed Grill Meal

The Mixed Grill Meal from Bahary Seafood Restaurant groups together absolutely delicious grilled and fried seafood in one large mix, suitable to share with pretty much everyone! Fresh shrimp, calamari and hamour fish fillets are carefully grilled to retain every ounce of deliciousness and ensure that every bite tastes better than the last! The crunchy calamari and juicy shrimps add a whole new world of excitement when combined with their tender fish fillets, served alongside freshly baked bread and a green house salad. A feast in itself, the Mixed Grill Meal is the perfect way to spend an afternoon seafood lunch in, available on demand at Bahary Seafood Restaurant.

3. Sayadiyeh

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The third seafood extravaganza on our list is the Sayadiyeh dish served at Flooka, with their wonderful mix of seafood prepared with a traditional Lebanese twist. Thick cuts of fish are grilled and served with fresh brown rice and sprinkled with walnuts and almonds for a delightful crunch in every bite! Perfect with a squeeze of fresh lemon, the Sayadiyeh risotto is a semi-light meal convenient for any time of the day. This pick is chock-full of everything you're craving in a seafood feast, so be sure to try out the risotto for guaranteed satisfaction delivered just right!

4. Wasabi Prawn

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Han Cuisine presents incredibly delicious and creative dishes from the Far East, featuring some of the most uplifting and sensational seafood recipes in town! The Wasabi Prawn dish is to die for, to say the least, making it a must try starter to accompany any meal of your choice. Four jumbo prawns are cooked with potatoes and coated with a wasabi dressing, giving every bite a crunchy and powerfully spicy kick. The combination of prawns and wasabi offer a juicy yet tingly taste, with potatoes providing a wholesome balance that will keep you on your feet throughout the day. A necessary addition to our list of incredible seafood, the Wasabi Prawn is a must have for any meal, or enjoyed as a tasty snack whenever you feel a rumble coming on.

Without further ado, dive right into these incredible seafood dishes right here in Dubai, only with Deliveroo!

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