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From Poke to Sushi – Try These Sesame Seed-Filled Dishes in Dubai

Super Sesame Seeds – Help Your Digestion With These Delicious Dishes

Some of the healthiest things you can eat to improve your digestive system are sesame seeds. On their own, they aren't that great, but there are some fantastic ways to enjoy sesame seeds. In fact, the super seed is a key feature in a number of classic Asian dishes. From spectacular sushi to perfect poke, we've handpicked some of the best options in Dubai for you to try. So read on, and find out what you can order for a delicious way to inject some super health into your diet.

1. Pacific Sushi Rolls

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Sushi is an excellent option for getting more sesame seeds into your diet, as the Japanese rolls are frequently finished with the spectacular seed. At Sushi Art, there are so many delectable sushi rolls to choose from it's hard to settle on what you want to order. But for those fancying a variety that uses sesame seeds to the full, pick up the Pacific Sushi rolls. These unique mouthfuls of joy consist of salmon tartare, spicy sauce, cheese, avocado and sesame. This explosion of fabulous flavours will leave you gasping for more… will just six pieces be quite enough?

2. Mama Ghanoush

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In Mediterranean cuisine, there are a number of dishes that make good use of sesame seeds and sesame seed oil. Food from the region tends to be healthy and good for the body and soul, leaving you feeling fantastic after finishing a meal. Flooka is an awesome Lebanese and Mediterranean joint specialising in fresh and delicious food. You'll want to order loads from this extensive menu. When you do, make sure you also get a portion of the rich and creamy Mama Ghanoush. It's a grilled aubergine puree with sesame seed oil, lemon juice, and beetroot. If you're looking for a dip with a difference, check this one out.

3. Wakiki Poke

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If you haven't tried poke yet, you need to blend it into your diet right now. Originally from Hawaii, this amazingly healthy bowl of raw fish and vegetables has now made its way into Japanese cuisine. It's vibrant, bursting with flavour and looks incredible – what's not to love? Down at Poke and Co, you'll find a range of signature poke bowls and, while they're all worth sampling, we've gone for the Wakiki bowl, a stunning combination of tuna, spicy mayonnaise and various wholesome fruits and vegetables. For a contrasting crispy-textured finish, it's topped off with sesame seeds. Crunch away – it might just be your new favourite dish.

4. Tuna Quinoa Salad

Another place to grab some great sushi is Sushi Counter and, while there are loads of innovative offerings of the classic Japanese roll, this time we went for a fresh salad. The Tuna Quinoa Salad with sesame seeds is the epitome of healthiness and your body will thank you a little more with every bite. Seriously, you'll feel on top of the world when you've finished this light bowl.

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