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  2. Dubai's top sharing platters straight from the grill
Dubai's Top Sharing Platters from the Grill

Dubai's top sharing platters straight from the grill

Good times are for sharing, and that applies to food too. There's nothing better than gathering a group of friends and discovering new flavours with a series of sharing platters. From exotic spices and new cuisines to standard tried and tested halal meats straight from the barbecue, there's something for everyone – that's the benefit of a sharing platter.  

1. Kabaji Grill – Mixed Grill, Spicy, and Light Platters


Lebanese cuisine offers a unique blend of Mediterranean and Arabic influences drizzled with plenty of olive oil and largely on the healthy side. Dubai offers plenty of eateries specialising in traditional Lebanese cooking, including Kababji Grill. Indulge in a variety of platters, from the Mixed Grill offering a range of meats, to the spicy variety offering a heat kick, or the light version for a healthier option with leaner ground beef.  

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2. Carluccio's – Pasto per Duo or Pasto per Quarto  

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Sharing platters don't have to come straight from the grill. At Carluccio's, the pasto per duo and pasto per quarto offer nibbles to share with a classic Italian twist. Choose from a range of pizzas and pastas from the standard tomato and basil bases to ones that add more spice, more meat, or more everything. Plus, with the added sides, the end result can be a very colourful plate of food, with something for everyone's tastes. Everyone knows that Italian dishes are perfect for really indulging in a meal and providing the best time to bond.      

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3. Wok of Fame – Sashimi, Sushi, and Maki Plates


The best and most difficult thing about sushi is that there is so much of it to choose from. From maki to sashimi and the variety of flavours that can be added to the sushi rice to make a meal of it, it can be difficult to choose what to get. California roll, spicy salmon, spicy tuna, and saki maki are all to play for when it comes to the sushi on offer. So, thanks to the sharing plates from Wok of Fame, friends can discover new flavours and experience new sushi with the sharing plates that offer an ample amount of fishy food for the entire group.

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4. Original Wings & Rings – Chicken Tender Baskets

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There's no smell quite as good as a bucket of fried chicken, and Original Wings & Rings offer that by the basket load. From the standard chicken tender basket to the spicy bam bam tender basket, there's nothing better to share than food that ends up being shared anyway. Though with fried chicken, we think it's acceptable to order a sharing basket all for yourself!

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Food always tastes better when shared with friends, and with the range of sharing platters available in Dubai, there's definitely something for everyone. Gather your friends for the perfect night in with a sharing platter or two at Deliveroo.  

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