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  2. Spectacular Sponge Cakes Suitable for a Shindig
Spectacular Sponge Cakes Suitable for a Shindig

Spectacular Sponge Cakes Suitable for a Shindig

Sponge Cakes have long been the king of special occasions, the perfect centrepiece for a party, and a fluffy delight enjoyed by all. Over the years, the simple concept of layered sponges with decorations on top has reached dizzying heights, with ambitious, inventive, and beautiful creations cropping up in the world's best cake shops. While residents of Dubai are known to have a sweet tooth and enjoy eating indulgent cheesecakes, when it comes to a showstopper at a party, it has to be a sponge. And the best part? All of these great cakes and more can be ordered for delivery, directly to your door.

1. Triple Royal Cake, Sale Sucre

Sale Sucre is an upmarket patisserie that began in Egypt in 1999 but now has branches across the Middle East. The company has become known for its high quality and indulgent desserts that have been made with a fine attention to detail. One of the most spectacular options on the menu is the Triple Royal Cake, which is split into three sections, each with varying toppings to suit everyone's tastes. Trust us when we say that putting this on the table in the middle of your shindig is sure to fill your guests with amazement.

2. Rainbow Cake, Hummingbird Bakery

Rainbow cakes are arguably the most impressive-looking of all the sponge cakes, as the multiple layers are all coloured differently. This creates a fantastic end-product and a treat for the eyes when the party host sinks a knife in and pulls a slice out to reveal the masterpiece. Order a rainbow cake from Hummingbird Bakery for an uplifting treat for your partygoers. The cake specialists also produce a number of exciting cupcakes, which would be well worth ordering to accompany the main event.

3. Red Velvet Speciality Cakes, Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery is another top choice for all things cake-based in Dubai. Everything here is made fresh to order, and the shop uses American cooking methods and ingredients. The cake chain began in 1996 in New York, and now there are branches across the world in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Seoul, Tokyo, Dubai, and many other top locations. When selecting an option for your party here, it's hard to look past the classic Red Velvet Speciality Cakes which are incredibly light and fluffy, and look amazing.

4. 7 Layers Chocolate Cake, Harper's Bazaar Café

You can't really have a list of cakes without mentioning a chocolate option so, for this one, we have gone for the heavenly 7 Layers Chocolate Cake at Harper's Bazaar Café. While the restaurant also features a wide array of different food items including some seriously healthy options, the most stunning choice has to be this chocolatey delight. Order one of these for your party and there will be nothing left at the end. Just make sure you save yourself a slice!

So don't forget, for any special occasion or next time you have a party, order one of these sumptuous sponge cakes to your door with Deliveroo!

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