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Sweet treats in Dubai for a movie night

Sweet Treats to Tuck into on a Movie Night

Watching a movie at home, alone or with a loved one, can be one of the cosiest and most comforting experiences going. But whether you're snuggling up with a scary horror or crying your eyes out at an uplifting rom-com, you're going to need some sweet treats to enhance the event. Popcorn has long been associated as the snack of choice when watching a feature length, but there are plenty of other options for people with a sweet tooth. Let us take you through some of the best ice creams, popcorns, and other delightful desserts that you can order for your next film night. Trust us when we say these sweet treats will make it extra special.

1. Bundle for Two

There's no denying that popcorn reigns supreme when it comes to the perfect sweet snack to accompany a film. Luckily, you don't have to venture out to the cinema to enjoy some of the best popcorn around, and there are actually numerous shops that specialise in preparing the boxes for delivery. In Dubai, the standout option for popcorn is Garret Popcorn. This massive chain of kernel poppers began in Chicago, but is now world famous for producing some of the tastiest film snacks on the planet. Order the Bundle for Two and share with a loved one, or just scoff the lot yourself.

2. 12 Assorted Gelato Macarons

Gelato and macarons are two of the most awesome dessert items in existence, so imagine what happens when the two tasty treats are combined. At the gelato specialist Amorino on City Walk, the creative chefs have come up with this inspired take on a couple of Italian classics, and the result is outstanding. We recommend ordering the assorted box of 12 macarons so that you can experience all the incredible flavours on offer.

3. Large Ben's Box

Cookies are beginning to challenge popcorn as a cinema staple, and the crumbly, bitesize bits of heaven are available in many excellent eateries across Dubai. Ben's Cookies is one of the best places to order from, as the sweet specialists have been in the cookie game since 1983 and certainly know what they are doing. The bakery prides itself on using "chunks not chips," and this results in a smooth and sumptuous end product. To get a taste of the wide variety on offer, choose the Large Ben's Box which contains 15 cookies. That should be more than enough to see you through a movie or two.

4. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie

Hummingbird Bakery is known for its interesting and unique cupcake selection, but they also make some pretty epic cakes and brownies. Brownies are another sweet treat ideal for enjoying with a film, and of the options on offer here we recommend the luxury Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie. You may want to cut it up into small chunks for your film, as this is seriously indulgent.

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