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  2. Dubai’s Veggie Dining Scene is Alive and Kicking Thanks to the Greeks!
Dubai’s Veggie Dining Scene is Alive Thanks to the Greeks!

Dubai’s Veggie Dining Scene is Alive and Kicking Thanks to the Greeks!

The City of Gold has a tremendous array of vegetarian dining options, with a great choice of flavoursome dishes that pack a punch, full of vitamins, minerals and colour. If you're in Dubai and you fancy a full-blown vegetarian takeaway spread, one of the tastiest ways to devour your greens is from the many authentic Greek restaurants in town.

Greek cuisine is absolutely one of the healthier takeaway choices in Dubai. From delicious rustic salads to indulgent Moussaka and traditional Greek stuffed peppers, check out these four Greek vegetarian dishes capable of enticing even the most loyal meat lover!

1. Eat Greek, Gemista – Dubai Mall

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The guys at Eat Greek do their utmost to honour the spectrum of authentic Greek cooking, bringing fresh ingredients to the fore in a number of delicious speciality Mediterranean dishes. When you think about vegetarian Greek dishes, one of the first that springs to mind is delicious stuffed and roasted vegetables bursting with flavour. Fortunately, one of Eat Greek's three main specialities is their own Gemista, with stuffed roasted peppers and tomatoes including delicious rice and Mediterranean herbs. This restaurant is situated in the thick of the action in Dubai Mall, so should deliver to most central locations in the city.

2. Mythos, Cretan Dakos Salad – J.L.T

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Bringing an excellent home-cooked menu of Greek dishes to Dubai, the team at Mythos Kouzina and Grill uses only the freshest ingredients to create traditional recipes that are light, healthy, and incredibly refreshing. After a nice hot day in the city, there's no better way to keep things simple and satisfy your appetite than to order a Cretan Dakos Salad. Influenced by the beautiful island of Crete, this well-balanced salad features Cretan barley rusk, combined with freshly grated tomato and crumbled feta. It's a great-value, satisfying salad suitable for lunchtimes and evening meals.

3. GRK Fresh Greek, Mediterranean Veg Souvlaki Pitta – IMPZ

The chefs at GRK Fresh Greek are driven to provide the people of Dubai with premium quality, aromatic food, utilising an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains to boot. The team only use Greek extra virgin Olive Oil, such is their desire to put a true Greek spin on all their takeaways. Arguably our favourite vegetarian Greek takeaway dish in Dubai can be found here; their Mediterranean Veg Souvlaki Pitta is one of their signature dishes. Combine roasted Mediterranean veg with authentic Tzatziki in a hand-made pitta, with Aegean slaw on the side and you've got a wrap that needs no meat to make you smile!

4. El Greco, Mamaca's Salad – Jumeirah 1

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If you're in need of a quick bite delivered to your home, El Greco is arguably the finest exponents of vegetarian Greek fast food. They have three popular salads that are freshly made and our favourite is Mamaca's Salad, featuring a great mix of salt and sweetness, from tomatoes and parsley to olives, capers and feta cheese, with a side of crispy pita. They also do these very addictive fried potato peels, known as Floudes, which are served with a refreshing and cooling yoghurt sauce.

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