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  2. Eat the rainbow - Dubai’s most colourful salads
Eat The Rainbow – Dubai’s Most Colourful Salads

Eat the rainbow - Dubai’s most colourful salads

When you're ordering food, how often do you actually feel like having a salad? If the answer's not often, that's probably because you're used to standard fare salad, where you have just a few ingredients such as lettuce, cucumber and tomato. But salad can be so much more, and we've lined up some of the most colourful salads available in Dubai restaurants to make you see salads in a whole new light.

Vegetarians have been wise to the fact that salads are a great option for takeaway food, but they're not just for veggies - we can all enjoy them, and it's good to choose to have meat-free meals now and then! But don't think of salad as something you ought to eat because "it's good for you". Open your eyes to see how wonderfully appetizing and visually appealing a beautifully designed and crafted salad can be.

1. The Twenty at Barsalata

Barsalata have plenty of beautiful looking salads that are all visual feasts even before you've taken a bite. There are plenty of signature salads to choose from and our favourite on this list is The Twenty.

The Twenty features - perhaps unsurprisingly - 20 ingredients. Alongside black quinoa and black beans, there are injections of colour with shredded carrots, yellow capsicum pepper, and pomegranate seeds. Greens are provided through snow peas, celery and broccoli. There are also more muted shades with hazelnuts, chickpeas and bean sprouts. Taking on the Twenty, it's likely that you're doubling up on your five-a-day in one nutritious meal.

However, Barsalata doesn't want to restrict its customers - you can opt for a Build Your Own Salad instead.

2. Hippy Deli's Strawberry Fields Forever

At the Hippy Deli, colourful dishes abound and their salads are no exception to the rule. This vegan restaurant offers a wide range of ways you can eat your greens, yellows, oranges, reds and purples too! Alongside signature salads there are also Buddha Bowls and Acai bowls to choose from - all bursting with wholesome and fresh ingredients.

Our colourful salad pick from the Hippy Deli is Strawberry Fields Forever. A mixed greens salad forms the foundation of this salad. Delicately arranged over the top are fresh red strawberries, along with vegan "goat" cheese. And the crowning glory? A date-infused balsamic vinaigrette is drizzled over the top.

3. The Superfood Salad at The Sum of Us

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Lots of the dishes at The Sum of Us have a multi-coloured hue, thanks to the fact that this restaurant loads the majority of its plates with healthy portions of fresh veggies.

The Bowls are where you'll find the most colour, though. Check out the Super Salad for a vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free wonder plate. Along with cos hearts, there's the green of avocado and cucumber, basil and parsley, the red of cherry tomatoes and radishes, alongside the wholesome yellows of quinoa and smoked corn. The Super Salad is finished with a generous drizzle of white balsamic dressing and a scattering of seeds.

Have we made you eager to crunch your way through a wholesome and hearty meal-sized salad? Make your pick at Deliveroo.

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