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  2. Falafel Feasts - Where To Get The Best Falafel In Dubai
Falafel Feasts - Where To Get The Best Falafel In Dubai

Falafel Feasts - Where To Get The Best Falafel In Dubai

No matter what your dietary preferences may be, the mighty falafel is a treat we can all enjoy. This chickpea fried ball has been a staple dish in Middle Eastern cuisine for hundreds of years and has made its way into the mouths of people from all around the world. It is a fast-food item that is easy to eat and far more healthy than your typical burger or fries. Dubai is home to some fantastic Middle Eastern restaurants who are serving up some truly delicious falafel, so let's see where we can grab a bite.

1. Baked Green Falafel

For a great lunch option you can just grab and go, try out the Baked Green Falafel served at Man'oushe Street. This healthy wrap is a great way to keep the hunger away as you get on with your busy lifestyle. It is made with a crispy falafel mix, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and drizzled with a tasty tahini sauce. It is a delicious meal which will keep you energised and full for hours and will truly make your lunch the envy of the office.

2. Toasted Falafel

Ka'ak Al Manara is a restaurant serving some fantastic traditional Lebanese foods all inside a sesame bun. From kafta to shwarma and everything in between, this place has you covered for all of the tasty authentic Lebanese treats. The Toasted Falafel is a sandwich which is bursting with flavourful goodies, including falafel, tahini, parsley, onions, tomatoes, pickles and pickled turnips. Each bite is a total delight.

3. Fish Falafel

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For something a little fishy, check out the Fish Falafel from Flooka. This dish is made with hamour fish from the Persian Gulf and served on a traditional mezze board. The fish here is seasoned with herbs and spices and then wrapped with sesame seeds and deep fried in the style of a falafel. Whether you are a fan of seafood dishes or just fancy a change, this dish is certainly worth a try.

4. Falafel Salad

Anyone who has ever said that salads are boring and flavourless clearly hasn't tried the Falafel Salad from Kris Kros Lebanon. This dish is made with cucumber, tomato, turnip pickles, mint, green thyme, radish, red capsicum and of course, falafel. It comes with a falafel sauce on the side for you to drizzle on it however you wish. It's a healthy meal which is packed with flavour and you'll be sure to come back to it many more times.

The falafel is a simple food yet it is beloved by people all around the world for its versatility and deliciousness, so it is no wonder that it has stood the test of time and stuck around as the tasty dish it remains today. Dubai has so many great restaurants where you can find some of the best falafel dishes in the Middle East, so make sure you don't miss out and get your hands on some now!

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