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Fall For Falafel With These 4 Vegan Middle Eastern Treats

We've fallen for falafel and no wonder! Check out these four Middle Eastern vegan nibbles

There's one thing that always surprises people about Lebanese cuisine and Middle Eastern eats. Despite featuring many a meat-heavy serving, they're also surprisingly veggie friendly as well. It's inspiring. Characterised by roasted veggies, lots of spices and herbs and – of course – chickpeas, even the most omnivorous out there can enjoy this range of food. If you're vegetarian or vegan, this will come as really good news. In fact, there's an abundance of Middle Eastern vegan nibbles from spicy snacks to fantastic falafel. Whoever said vegan food was bland clearly hadn't tried these Middle Eastern offerings from Deliveroo in Dubai. Get with the times!

1. Man'oushe Street – Baked Green Falafel

Falafel is the best, right? You probably wouldn't even be reading this if you didn't agree. When it comes to all things Lebanese, these guys at Man'oushe really know their stuff. Seasoned falafel mix is baked to a crisp, with all the usual favourites like chickpeas, garlic and herbs thrown in for good measure. It's then topped off with more green goodness in the form of lettuce. Throw in some tomato, drizzle on tahini sauce and you've got a really winner on your hands (and in your mouth).

2. Al Mandaloun – Fattouch Salad

Yeah, we know. There's more to vegan life than salad. But just hear us out! This one from Al Mandaloun is absolutely delicious. Authentic Lebanese greens are mixed with tomatoes and radish and then tossed with sumac and pomegranate molasses. There's even toasted bread thrown in for some added texture. This salad is far from an afterthought – in fact, the Fattouch is one of the menu's stars of the show.

3. Mantoushe – Sriracha Hummus

We've all had hummus – and y'know, it's amazing as it is. But what if it could be even better? Mantoushe probably asked themselves the same question before they came up with this little creation, to literally spice things up a bit. Their classic hummus has a real kick thanks to the sriracha sauce stirred in. The finished product is served with homemade pita chips and gives something traditional a really colourful twist.

4. Doner Deli – Veggie Delight Pita

You just can't beat a good pita – especially a Turkish one. Doner Deli has a range of deli style treats but Veggie Delight Pita is likely to be a vegan's fave. Bonus points? It's healthy, too. You'll find an electic array of roasted vegetables, including eggplant, baby marrow and two different colours of peppers. Top it off with BBQ sauce for added great taste.

Vegans are never left out from takeaway treats, no matter what they fancy. If you're feeling hungry for some local cuisine, order guilt-free on Deliveroo.

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