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  2. Sensationally Saucy - Soy Sauce Isn’t The Be-all And End-all When It Comes To Sushi
Feeling Saucy? Try Out the Best Sushi Dipping Sauces in Dubai

Sensationally Saucy - Soy Sauce Isn’t The Be-all And End-all When It Comes To Sushi

Sushi is arguably some of the best food around. There are so many different combinations and styles to choose from that it's impossible to ever get bored and there's something to suit all tastes. What's more, there are so many sauces for dipping your sushi, adding even more flavour to your dish. From soy sauce to teriyaki and many others, for every different kind of sushi out there is a sauce that pairs perfectly. Dubai is home to so many fantastic sushi restaurants, so let's explore where you can get your hands on some of the best sushi dipping sauces next time you fancy some rolled-up and ricy fish.

1. Soy Sauce

We can't very well talk about sushi dipping sauces without mentioning the classic Soy Sauce. It reigns supreme as it is the perfect partner in crime for pretty much every sushi dish. Taste it at its finest by ordering the Shimeji Temaki over at Sushi Nations. It's a cone shaped wrap filled with tasty buttered shimeji and shiitake, which are seasoned with delicious tare and soy sauce. You can taste how well the flavours and sauces compliment each other with every bite. This dish is ideal for your next lunch break as it's great to sit and savour or to eat on the go: a fine replacement for your boring, sauce-less sandwich any day of the week!

2. Yuzu Sauce

For a sauce which is packed with flavour and little bit of spice, be sure to try out some yuzu soy sauce. The New Style Salmon Sashimi dish served at Y by Yabani is crying out to be smothered in the sweetness of Yuzu. This dish uses fresh cuts of seared salmon and serves them with chives, garlic and ginger – not forgetting the citrus-based sauce with chilli peppers and salt. Yuzu adds a pleasantly refreshing and slightly spicy flavour to this sushi dish. It's well worth a try and you will not be disappointed!

3. Ponzu Sauce

If you like the sound of Yuzu sauce but don't fancy the spice then the Ponzu sauce is perfect for you. This is another citrus-based sauce and the lemon and orange juice with which it is made give it a tangy and fresh flavour. It nicely compliments the Hamachi Carpaccio from Miyabi Sushi and Bento. Made with five slices of fresh yellowtail sashimi laid on a bed of sesame-infused ponzu sauce and topped with onion, chives, ginger and tomato, it's wonderfully fresh and tasty. Brimming with crisp flavours, the sauce isn't over kill – oh no. It's a seamless addition to a truly sensational serving.

4. Teriyaki Sauce

It doesn't get much better than Teriyaki Sauce. It blends harmoniously with pretty much every meat dish and is the perfect seasoning when you're in the market for flavour and texture. Try it out with the Steak Roll from Itadaki Japanese Restaurant to experience it in all its glory. This dish is made with a tender beef steak, served with fries and cheese rolled with Japanese mayonnaise and a lobster teriyaki sauce. Each bite of this dish is made even better by the teriyaki sauce and is a must-try for all sushi lovers out there.

There are so many fantastic sushi dipping sauces that you must be sure to try, so whether it's on your next lunch break or for a fancy dinner, put some time aside – we can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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