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Fetching Feta Dishes From The Best Greek Restaurants In Dubai

Find Feta Fetching? If You Love A Good Greek Restaurant, Dubai Is A Great Place!

Greek takeaways aren't a new phenomenon in the Emirates. In fact, given the (sort of) close proximity, the style of food has been a local favourite for years. Enjoy the fresh, healthy flavours of the Med, with a little bit of a hint of the Middle East. Rich fish and seafood dishes and lean meats splashed with lemon and herbs spring to mind, accompanied by nutritious veggie delights.

The cuisine is really far-reaching in that there are plenty of amazing Greek recipes to choose from. But we've taken a bit of a fancy to feta lately, so we've decided to throw together a list of the best feta feasts to satisfy the cravings!

1. The Modern Greek Crunch - Just Salad

If it's salad you want, it's salad you'll get at Just Salad (the clue's in the name)! Enjoy salads from all around the world, but especially from Greece. The Modern Greek Crunch nails some of the key ingredients associated with the culture, in a true temptation to your taste buds. You'll find romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, lentils and pickled red onions among Greek faves like feta, pita chips and a spicy tahini dressing. It's an interesting one, that's for sure. Eat to your heart's content with none of the guilt - it is salad, after all!

2. The Saganaki Pizza - Greek Tony's Pizza

Greek food isn't all super healthy salads though. It's a little bit of everything, and that's the beauty of it! Greek Tony's Pizza fuses the Italian and Greek cuisines together in a way that really works - after all, pizza and cheese quite obviously go hand in hand. Saganaki Pizza is a cheese lover's dream. It's got mozzarella, romano, parmesan and of course that Greek staple, feta. It's finished off with a sprinkling of oregano, so it's definitely not lacking in taste.

3. Shrimps Saganaki - Mythos

Nope, it's not a myth - there's feta on the menu at Mythos galore and that's one of the reasons we just love it. Shrimps Saganaki is a unique offering, combining two of the things the Greeks love best... Their seafood and their feta cheese! Seafood is known throughout the Med as being fresh and fancy, and this dish is not the exception. Enjoy shrimps cooked in tangy tomato sauce topped off with feta and ouzo. Amazing!

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4. The Feta & Filo Parcel - GRK Fresh Greek

Filo parcels are abundant across Greek cuisine and feta cheese often features as the star ingredient. GRK Fresh Greek is all about keeping things authentic and that's what they achieve with their Feta & Filo Parcel dish. Bite into these crunchy and gooey Mediterranean cheesy surprises to find an explosion of flavour. Feta lends itself well to an array of herbs and spices and even lemon, so there's plenty about these pastry goodies to enjoy.

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