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The Finer Things - Gourmet Fast Food in Dubai

The finer things - Gourmet fast food alternatives in Dubai

If fast-food just isn't cutting it anymore and you've developed a taste for the finer things in life, then we're here to hook you up!

Exquisite and professionally-prepared dishes of all variations can be found right here in Dubai, from aromatic truffle-infused plates to high-grade Kobe beef cuts. Sometimes all you need to get by is some good old American takeaway, but other times you need a little more class in your life that greasy burgers and cheap pizzas just can't offer. It's time to feed your luxurious side and explore some of Dubai's exceptional, unique and gourmet versions of junk food classics.

1. Hamburgés - Big Fernand

There's nothing that screams fast food more than a burger! However, when you combine the addictively satisfying elements of a burger with high-quality ingredients of fine dining, you get something truly spectacular. The place to try this game-changing concept is at none other than Big Fernand. Serving authentic, homemade and incredibly tasty gourmet French burgers, which they like to call hamburgés, this spot uses only the highest quality of grass-fed beef, milk-fed veal, authentic French cheeses, homemade bread buns paired beautifully with their own in-house sauces. Feeling a rumble only a burger will satisfy? The aptly-named Big Fernand hamburgés contains a mouth-watering slab of grass-fed beef cooked to perfection, gooey yellow French cheese, sun-dried tomatoes topped with a final drizzle of Tata Fernand sauce, their house-made cocktail dressing. With several other fantastic options to choose from, like the Bartholomé or Gaston burgers, Big Fernand offers a gourmet alternative to your all-time classic, go-to fast food choice.

2. Lobster Taco - Clinton St Bakery

Serving the finest quality renditions of authentic American classics, a renowned name among the gourmet-comfort food combo scene is Clinton St Bakery. With locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients, this spot serves every dish prepared to perfection! Exciting meals like the Clinton Cheeseburger and Huevos Rancheros are packed with rich, indulgent flavours that will knock your socks off! Yet their best example of fast food transformed into the ultimate luxury treat is their Lobster Tacos. Come on, nothing says takeout quite like a taco, but having it at the Clinton St Baker gives you the chance to try it in a whole new light! Their Lobster Taco is the cream of the crop in taco standards: stuffed with fresh Canadian lobster chopped alongside fresh mangos, jalapenos, and a sour cream and pico de gallo garnish, this dish brings you a world of fresh flavours in every bite. Highly recommended as the popular choice at Clinton St Bakery, the Lobster Taco is an absolute must-try for the classiest of eaters!

3. Truffle Parmesan Fries - Pantry Café

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Every time we think we've found the most landmark dish of all junk food, we remember another one! Fries are pretty much the ultimate fast food side, there's no doubt about that. But we can probably guess you've never had it as fancy as they do it in the Pantry Café!

A local favourite and famous for their breakfast options, the Pantry Café extends its international cuisine to every hungry tummy in Dubai. Serving gourmet dishes from all over the world with an exciting, delicious and healthy twist on popular recipes, everything on their menu deserves to be tried. At the Pantry Café, you can enjoy a high-class quality of French cuisine and still satisfy that junk food craving. They put their own twist on the greasy, fatty fries you can't help but desire! Their Truffle Parmesan Fries are dangerously addictive, even from the very first bite: fresh potato cuts coated in Parmesan cheese and topped with exquisite shavings of real, fresh truffle make a chip experience unlike anything you've ever tasted! Crunchy, crispy and overwhelmingly good - it's safe to say you're guaranteed to be blown away.

4. Gourmet Duck Shawarma - S'wich Gourmet Shawarmas

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Last but certainly not least, the shawarma has become a force to reckon with in the street food scene, making it one of the most common go-to choices for that late-night greasy food craving all over the world. Giving the classic and traditional shawarma meal a renewed gourmet touch, S'wich Gourmet Shawarmas redefines shawarma wraps with exceptionally ingenious recipes prepared with locally-sourced, fresh ingredients and sauces and home-baked breads. Co-founded by celebrity Chef Izu Anu, who has Nigerian origins, French training, and vast experience as an anchored chef in England, S'wich's shawarmas offer an elegance only found in a celeb-run restaurant!

Far from your typical late-night shawarma, S'wich offers exciting new ingredients showcased in the popular Duck S'wich. This game changer is prepared with gourmet duck shawarma infused with a savoury garlic sauce (almost a must-have with any shawarma), fresh red onions, figs, and a generous helping of rocca for a combination of wholesome and intricate flavours. Customers can even create their own shawarma mixes using S'wich's long list of exquisite ingredients to ensure the absolute perfect wrap every time!

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