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  2. From fish and chips to spicy chicken wings – some of the best foods to rock your weekend
Treats to Rock Your Weekend from Fish and Chips to Chicken Wings

From fish and chips to spicy chicken wings – some of the best foods to rock your weekend

Let's face it, counting down the days to the weekend is something we're all guilty of doing. There's just something about that Friday feeling that's unbeatable. Whether you've got big, exciting plans or just want to sit on the sofa binge-watching your favourite TV show, you've earned that weekend to spend however you'd like. Use it to indulge a little: the weekend is the perfect time to treat yourself to your favourite meals, whether it be fish and chips or crispy chicken wings. Dubai has some fantastic restaurants ready to serve the perfect meals for livening up your weekend, so let's explore some of the best treats to really kick it off properly.

1. Fish and Chips

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Fish and Chips is a classic British dish that has become a world favourite. After all, who doesn't love tucking into a delicious, flaky fish coated in crispy golden batter? Jack's Plaice serves up some of the best seafood in town and we recommend you try out the Jack's Line-Caught Shetland Haddock. This hearty dish serves up a storm of chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce alongside the star of the show, a generously-sized serving of fresh haddock. It's the perfect dish to start your weekend off right and satisfy those taste buds.

2. Chicken Wings

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Chicken Wings are up there with the most delectable and messiest foods you can eat. There are so many variations and ways to enjoy chicken wings and no two restaurants are the same. But for the best wings in Dubai (with the best names!), be sure to check out Wingsters. The wings here are creative and there's an option for every chicken lover, but their Lucky Lucianos wings truly are something else. This dish is bursting with dynamic flavours, beginning with a delightful creamy coating and ending with a kick of spice that'll keep you wanting more.

3. Tacos

When it comes to incredible food, Mexico knows how to do it right. Tacos are by far some of the most mouth-wateringly good foods out there and they can be personalised to everyone's tastes. Clinton St Baking Company is known for its incredible desserts, but this eatery serves up a mean veggie taco as well. This dish is perfect for the vegetarians among you, too, as it's full of yummy non-meat treats such as roasted bell peppers, grilled zucchini, pico de gallo, red onion shavings and more fresh vegetables. This is how weekend brunch should be.

4. Doughnuts

What better time to indulge your sweet tooth than the weekend? Dum Dum Donutterie is the best place to satisfy your sugar cravings as their doughnuts are simply out of this world. The Rose Glazed Ring is a lavish and decadent dessert filled with incredible creamy rose butter, topped with a rose-flavoured pink glaze and even garnished with a rose petal for unbeatable sweetness that will make you feel as special as you are.

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