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  2. Stay Fit In 2018 With Our Guide To Dubai’s Healthiest Dishes!
Stay Fit this Year with Our Guide to Dubai’s Healthiest Dishes

Stay Fit In 2018 With Our Guide To Dubai’s Healthiest Dishes!

Whether you're trying to cut down on calories this season or just looking to grab a well-deserved bite after your workout session, our guide to Dubai's most nutritious and healthy dishes is here to help. Salads, sautéed vegetables and much more are included in these appetising options packed to the brim with proteins, fibre and nutrients that will keep your body well-fed without the extra calories and carbs. If you're ready to explore some of Dubai's deliciously healthy alternatives check out our guide to these fantastic dishes that can be brought right to you!

1. Mighty Maui

Pineapple Express bring their fantastic superfood dishes all the way from Australia to the heart of Dubai, presenting incredibly fresh and healthy poké dishes, salads and much more. With a drive to serve the healthiest of dishes to hungry customers in the city, the Mighty Maui is an extremely colourful and refreshing poké dish filled to the brim with a rainbow of flavours. Delicious tuna, sensational wakame, crispy spring onions, cucumbers with a tasteful addition of mangoes for a touch of sweetness are finished off with a spectacular Hawaiian Shoyu drizzle to complete this must-try dish. Pineapple Express is heaven to any poke lover, so be sure to check out the Mighty Maui any day of the week!

2. Portobello mushroom + feta cheese S'wich

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Second on our list is the Portobello Mushroom from S'wich Gourmet Shawarma. Home-baked white saj bread is stuffed with deliciously grilled portobello mushrooms and peppered with spring onions, crunchy lettuce, oregano and a savoury tzatziki sauce all wrapped up into an overwhelmingly delicious sandwich. Chock-full of healthy ingredients to perk up your day, it's a perfect wrap to grab to keep those rumbles at bay. S'wich is a wonderland of superfood options, with the added benefit of customizing your own S'wich with over ONE THOUSAND locally sourced and freshly picked ingredients!

3. Avocado On Toast with Eggs

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Brought to life by two local brothers, Nourish Café stays true to its name serving exquisite and passionately prepared dishes packed with satisfying healthy flavours. The Avocado On Toast with Eggs is a very popular dish among health-enthusiasts and with good reason. Beloved avocado is smashed and spread over crunchy organic whole wheat toast with a Kalamata olive tapenade serving, sautéed mushrooms and accompanied by 3 protein-packed scrambled eggs topped with wild rocket. A dish that's to-die-for, this makes for a perfectly healthy dish to get your hands on any time throughout your busy day.

4. Salmon Nicoise Salad

If you can't live without mind-blowing salads and all-day breakfasts then look no farther than the one and only Soulfull. One of their absolute must-tries includes the Salmon Nicoise Salad consisting of a fresh salmon fillet crusted in sesame seeds and seasoned with a selection of greens and potatoes, chopped boiled eggs, olives, cherry tomatoes and mixed beans before drizzled generously in a honey mustard dressing. This dish combines a world of flavour and is packed with protein, fibre, omega-5s and much more, making it a wonderful option that will give you a spring to your step for the rest of the day!

Set yourself with all your daily vitamins and more by checking out any of these health-packed dishes on Deliveroo, all high in protein and low in carbs!

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