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  2. Moo-ve over cows, camel is the new, healthier alternative
Try Camel out for Size if You Want a Healthier Alternative

Moo-ve over cows, camel is the new, healthier alternative

Before you tuck into that steak or order that milkshake, stop! Did you know that if you swapped it for camel you'd be making the healthier choice and a very tasty one too? That's because camel has far less fat both in its meat and its milk while being just as tasty as the alternative. The camel is famous for its ability to survive out in the hot desert where water is in short supply, but now it's also finding its way on to all kinds of menus, including in American burger restaurants. So next time you fancy a change from beef check out any of these five camel crackers.

1. Camel Milk Ice Cream - NOUQ

Down at NOUQ they use only camel milk in their deliciously rich range of ice creams and you'll hardly be able to tell they're any different to their traditional counterparts. There's a range of amazing flavours to choose from including traditional vanilla, honey and saffron, chocolate chip and even baklava and one of the best ways to sample as many as possible is to enjoy their special four-flavour serving. So check out this low-fat treat that would be the perfect dessert for any healthy vegetarian meal.

2. Camelicious Pizza - Osha Emirati Gourmet

We're not sure what the Italians would make of this version of their national dish but all we can say is that we absolutely love it. At Osha Emirati Gourmet they take a traditional pizza base and cover it in savoury camel mince as well as their own special rich tomato sauce and plenty of mozzarella cheese. It's certainly one of the most unusual pizzas that you'll find in Dubai – and also one of the most delicious!

3. Camel Kofta - Seven Sands

Experts in preparing Emirati cuisine, Seven Sands replace the more traditional lamb with camel in their mouth-wateringly delicious version of the kofta. It's cooked over charcoal on skewers – one of the healthiest cookery methods there is – and if you wanted a simple salad to go with it then their Camel Milk Ricotta with Fig would be the perfect choice.

4. Camel Burger - Cafe Arabia

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When you're really in the mood for a burger then nothing else will do. But it doesn't have to be beef, as this treat from Café Arabia proves. It's made from 100% camel mince and it comes with all the trimmings including tomatoes, onions, lettuce and cheese. Plus, there's a choice of rosemary salted fries or salad on the side.

5. Rebel Yell Mini Slider - Bareburger

If you don't want to launch into a full-size burger straight away then this is a great way to see if camel meat is for you. It's a mini slider that Bareburger really do pack with great things. Obviously there's the patty itself and they also add cheddar, pickles, fried onions and habanero mayo before serving it in a dinky little brioche bun. It may be small but it packs in some pretty big flavours!

It's time to get on board with the camel craze and there are lots of delicious choices waiting for you with Deliveroo.

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