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The 5 Hottest Indian Restaurants in Dubai

The 5 Hottest Spots In Dubai For Indian Food

One of the great things about an Indian meal is that it can range from a quick and tasty affair on the go to a grand banquet with many courses to enjoy. There are also so many different dishes to sample from the different parts of India that you really are spoilt for choice, especially when you visit any of the very many superb Indian restaurants that you'll find in Dubai.

Whether you're looking for casual dining or something a little more special, there's bound to be a place to fit the bill perfectly and where you'll be able to enjoy all of your favourite dishes too.

So when it comes to putting together a list of the very best places for Indian food, it's quite a hard task and the only way to discover if you agree with our selection is to try them out yourself. We're sure that you'll enjoy the experience!

1. The Vintage Room

With a name like The Vintage Room you can be confident that it is going to focus on comfort and refinement - and you won't be disappointed. But as well as the ambience to enjoy there's a fantastically varied menu too with quite a strong Southern Indian influence with dishes like their famous Dakshini Tandoori Salmon and Country Style Chicken Roast with Keralan spices.

2. Royal Kebab

The Royal Kebab is certainly fit for a king and queen, a great place for a taster of delicious dishes from many regions of India. As you'd also expect, kebabs and grills are big on the menu and these range from Afghani full or half chickens served on the bone with a classic yoghurt and cream sauce to Peshwari chicken with a lightly piquant flavour that's typical of the region's cuisine.

3. 25 Degrees North

It's well worth setting out to explore 25 Degrees North for its unusual and extensive Indian menu that goes all the way from soups to dessert, taking in a huge choice of different curry dishes along the way. Highlights include some quite unusual seafood kebabs including fish achaari tikka – a pickled fish that's cooked in a clay oven to especially enhance its flavour.

4. Indian Summer

When you look at the menu of Indian Summer you'll soon discover that, among the many delights that they offer, seafood is a real focus. For example you could start the meal off with their special dish of Prawns 65 before moving on to the luxurious flavours of Lobster Malvani, a traditionally-prepared curry from the coast, or the slightly more fiery Lobster Masala instead.

5. Patiala

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There's plenty to attract you to Patiala, not least the presence in the kitchen of the celebrity chef Kunal Kapur. There's a real richness to much of the Indian food served here with the Butter Chicken being an outstanding example. Cooked in the traditional Punjabi way, the richness of the cream and butter sauce is cut through by lightly spiced tomatoes.

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