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  2. Sashimi For The Soul - Five Of Dubai's Sushi Hot Spots
Sashimi for the Soul - Five of Dubai's Sushi Hot Spots

Sashimi For The Soul - Five Of Dubai's Sushi Hot Spots

There are lots of reasons why so many people think sushi is the perfect meal - at any time of day – and you probably have a few more yourself.

For a start, has there ever been a quicker or easier meal to enjoy? You just pick it up and away you go - no waiting for the kitchen to produce it, plate it up, add all the sauces and other accompaniments - so it really is the ultimate fast food that's very easy to eat whether you're on the go or sitting down in a restaurant.

Then there's the sheer variety of different kinds of sushi to enjoy. It's no wonder that it takes so many years to become a fully qualified sushi chef in Japan.

Finally, it's a very healthy way to get all of the main food groups that you need in small, perfectly balanced packages. So, we're really lucky to have so many great sushi restaurants in Dubai to choose from and here are five of the very best:

1. Sushi Counter

Sushi Counter pride themselves on reinventing sushi while also maintaining a proper respect for the classics too. One look at their menu and you'll soon appreciate just how huge the choice is and, also, that it features unique versions of sushi including tacos, nachos and burritos, which help to introduce an irresistible Tex-Mex fusion element to the proceedings.

2. Sushi Nations

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You'll find an equally extensive menu at Sushi Nations but the dishes are more traditionally Japanese than at the Sushi Counter. Outstanding ones include many of their signature versions of classics like Sesame Torched Salmon Sashimi -  a bit of a tongue twister but delicious all the same – and their Signature Tuna Pate Rolls that feature nori seaweed and black tobiko, otherwise translated as flying fish roe.

3. Miyabi Sushi and Bento

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Head down to Miyabi Sushi and Bento if you want a traditional taste of everything that's best about fresh sushi and sashimi. For great value, go for their combo sushi that will give you and your friends the chance to sample a wide selection of different varieties ranging from sashimi to nigiri and everything in between all specially chosen for you by the chef.

4. Chez Sushi

Chez Sushi promises you a "unique and casual Japanese dining experience" and, once you've been there, you're sure to agree. In fact, it's a real Deliveroo favourite and you can read a more in-depth analysis of what makes it so very special on our site, here. Suffice to say, there's an amazing choice of really first-rate sushi to enjoy, including one of the most extensive ranges of fish choices including more exotic options such as king fish and red snapper.

5. SushiArt

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There's more than a little artistry that goes into the food you'll enjoy at SushiArt, one of Dubai's most popular places to enjoy this cuisine. The food not only looks and tastes fantastic, they've also been equally creative when it comes to naming dishes like the Rock N Roll and the California Dream, to name just two.

 Why not let Deliveroo set you up with some truly awesome sushi today?

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