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Five New, Trendy Pizza Toppings in Dubai

Take A Walk On The Wild Side With These Unusual Pizza Toppings

For lots of people, the pizza is the ultimate in comfort food. They always know what they're going to choose and what to expect. For the ultra conservative it's usually the margherita and, if they're feeling adventurous, they may also add some sweetcorn or ham.

But there are lots of other, more unusual toppings out there as well as a great choice of places serving them. So we thought we'd get out and about to look for some toppings that may have passed under your radar recently and which, when you've tried them, might well become your new favourites too.

1. Truffle Pizza

Even though pizzas are traditionally considered to have been simple peasant food from the south of Italy, here's conclusive proof from Pizzaro that they can be raised up to represent the highest levels of haute cuisine. The addition of the much sought-after and very expensive truffle mushroom ensures that's the case on this example when fine shavings are combined with béchamel sauce, wild mushrooms, truffle oil and pesto to create one of the most indulgent pizzas you'll ever taste.

2. Frutti di Mare

Although Margherita may be named after one of the simpler pizzas on the menu, their Frutti Di Mare is far more exciting than many other seafood pizzas that you'll find. These usually feature tuna and maybe shrimp but this version comes loaded with a wide range of fruits from the sea. There are shrimps, clams, mussels and calamari as well as garlic and a tomato sauce that perfectly compliments their delicate flavours.

3. Tandoori Chicken

Pinza! has taken fusion cooking off in a whole new direction with the Tandoori Chicken pizza and, while Indian and Italian cuisine may have very little in common with each other in terms of flavours, it really works. As well as the tandoori chicken there's also ground masala, cilantro, chutney sauce, chillies and fresh onions  - and together they create what can only be described as a fusion taste sensation.

4. Savoyard

Savoy refers to an area near to the border between France and Switzerland and the cuisine from the region relies heavily on ingredients like potatoes and cheese. So it's no surprise that these both feature on Mambo Pizza Gourmet's Savoyard pizza along with turkey ham, onions, cream and oregano. It's certainly not one for you if you're on a low carb diet but it  sure will satisfy the biggest appetite!

5. Pizza Rustica

Certo's head chef Antonio has really gone to town on his Rustica pizza that aims to bring you the authentic taste of the Italian countryside. The wholewheat base comes laden with all kinds of good and green things including broccoli, turnips and fennel seeds as well as capocollo ham and stracciatella cheese direct from the Apulia region of Italy. To add some extra piquancy there are also sun-dried tomatoes and a rich tomato sauce, and the result has to be tasted to be believed.

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