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5 Amazing Dubai Breakfasts to Enjoy in Bed

If You Feel Like Breakfast In Bed, Here Are Some Sweet Indulgences

You know what it's like some mornings. It's been a hard week and you've been stressed to the max. All you want to do is laze around in bed to regain your strength for the challenges ahead. But what about breakfast?

You feel like you should treat yourself but you just don't have the energy to get up, get into the kitchen and start creating culinary masterpieces. Well, the good news is that you don't have to. That's because there are plenty of breakfast places in Dubai that do their food to go and Deliveroo are here to bring their delicious meal to you. All the effort you need to make is a few clicks and everything will be sorted. Then, before you know it, you'll be indulging yourself with a typically hearty breakfast, Dubai-style.

You might have your own favourite choices of breakfast to set you up for the day but we've also been having a look around for some alternatives too and here are five of the very best to enjoy.

1. Coconut Milk and Fruit Chia

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Here's a great breakfast that tastes amazing and is jam-packed with energy to get you going for the day. Panifico's wholesome bowl features the finest fruits that are in season along with one of the most fashionable ingredients of the moment – coconut milk – along with a popular superfood, chia seeds which are world famous for their health benefits such as improved immunity and increased satiety. Together, they create a breakfast truly fit for a champion.

2. The Loved One

It's called 'The Loved One' and once you've experienced it for yourself, you're certain to see why. At its heart are acai berries – but then it is from The Acai Spot. These immune and memory boosting berries are combined with premium Greek yoghurt, blueberries, strawberries and banana. There's also a good serving of granola that's been added into the mix which provides a sweet and crunchy element that's sure to satisfy.

3. Priceless Organic Porridge

Here's another breakfast courtesy of Pret To Go that you can positively feel is restoring your energy levels with every spoonful. Organic porridge oats are simmered to the perfect creamy consistency and served with fresh milk and your choice of seasonal berries or natural honey to provide a fantastically warming start to the day.

4. Unicorn Poop

No, you did read it right - but, believe us, it's delicious. This special mix from the Cereal Killer Café is an amazing combination of Ricicles, party rings, fluff, hundreds and thousands and milk. The result is a rainbow-coloured bowl of delights that sure to get you bouncing out of bed.

5. Classic Pancakes

You might be feeling a bit flat but trust a plate of these classic pancakes from Good Food to lift your spirits. These fluffy classics are bound to start your day off on a sweet note being topped with vanilla cream, fresh berries, dulce de leche and maple syrup too – super indulgent..and super worth it!

If you fancy breakfast in bed today then why not let Deliveroo be your room service?

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