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  2. Five Tantalising Chinese Takeaway Choices
Five Tantalising Chinese Takeaway Choices

Five Tantalising Chinese Takeaway Choices

The food on a Chinese menu is always great for those mix-and-match meals, ideal for when you want a little taste of everything. Ideal for eating by yourself or with company, you can't go wrong with a takeaway order of Chinese food.

But what are your favourite dishes? We've rounded up five of the best Chinese takeaway choices and where to find them.

1.Dim Sum

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Chinese dumplings are always a winning choice for takeaway, and the fact that they're bite-sized means you can order a number of different dumpling dishes and share with friends. These have a long history, and are very popular in North China, but are now eaten around the world. Traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve in China, dumplings form part of a dim sum meal that can be enjoyed, both as an eat-in meal or at home as part of a takeaway order.

The dough containing the dumplings is thin and often slightly gelatinous in texture. Dumplings can be steamed, boiled or fried.

There are a variety of different fillings for Chinese dumplings, including diced shrimp, ground beef, pork or chicken and vegetables. The Royal China restaurant has great dim sum selections including Chicken Dumplings with Coriander, and Crab Meat Dumpling Soup.

Chinese steamed buns - or bao doh or bazoi, as they're also known - also go well with an order of dumplings.

2.Kung Pao or Gong Bao chicken

This is a spicy stir-fry dish that includes chicken, peanuts, vegetables and chilli peppers.It comes from the Szechuan region of China, where highly spiced dishes are very common. You can order Kung Pao chicken from Panda Express in Dubai, but don't worry if you want something with a little less spice. Just choose Orange Chicken or Mushroom Chicken instead.

3.Crispy duck pancakes

Crispy duck pancakes are a great choice for a starter in a Chinese takeaway. There's the crunch of the cucumber and the spring onions contrasting the delicious flavour of the crispy duck. All wrapped in the light and soft rice flour pancakes and flavoured with hoisin sauce. Delicious! Soy restaurant in Dubai Mall serves them like a work of art.

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4.Chow mein

Probably one of the most well-known Chinese takeaway dishes, there's a good reason that chow mein makes it onto everyone's favourite list. Chow mein is the Cantonese pronunciation of the characters that translate as "stir-fried noodles", chow mein is exactly that. Most chow meins contain boiled noodles which are stir-fried with meat, onions and celery, and other seasonal vegetables thrown into the wok too.

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You'll find Chow Mein on most Chinese restaurant menus, but we recommend you try Wokman's Mixed Chow Mein.

5.Ma Po Tofu

Tofu features heavily in Chinese cuisine and Ma Po Tofu is one of the most famous tofu dishes. Ma refers to the taste which is hot and spicy thanks to the use of pepper powder. This condiment is frequently used in Chuan cooking. To add some oomph to the milky tofu, it's often cooked with red ground beef and with chopped green onion.

The Han Cusine Restaurant has a number of different tofu dishes on its menu, including Ma Po Tofu, Kejia Tofu (tofu, chicken and seafood) and Tofu with Crab Roe.

These are our top five picks for Chinese takeaway dishes. Order through Deliveroo and see if you think we're right!

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