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Food Options For Feeding A Crowd

Share the love: 5 amazing options for feeding a crowd

Food is made for socialising. Sitting around a heaving dinner table with friends and families has long been a tradition – and why should all those dishes have to be home-cooked? We've rounded up some of the best sharing options available, for times when you're too busy entertaining to whip up a feast.

1. Wingsters

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Buffalo wings have a reputation as a great sharing food – especially in America, where friends will gather to snack as they watch the Superbowl every year. Wingster's delightfully quirky mob-themed wings are great for splitting with friends, as you can order roulette platters. Get plates loaded with 16 or 32 wings, coming with a variety of flavours of your choice. Let everyone try everything, or keep with the roulette theme – mix them together and let Lady Luck decide.

Where: Wingsters, Dubai

2. NKD Pizza

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What could be better for feeding your loved ones than pizza? NKD prides themselves on creating great pizza from all natural ingredients, so you don't need to worry about anything artificial sneaking in. And their guilt-free pizzas come with a variety of inventive toppings, covering vegetarian and meat-eating appetites with ease. Customise your own, or order a bunch and switch it up by the slice.

Where: NKD Pizza, three locations in Dubai

3. Pita Pit

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Even if it is wholesome, sometimes you don't want food full of cheese or spicy sauce. That's where Pita Pit come in, offering healthy yet hearty eats. Want pita pockets filled with falafel? Easy. Deli-style turkey breast? Sure thing. Thai-style chicken that tastes of chilli, garlic and lemongrass? They thought you'd never ask. Put in a group order and enjoy these pure wraps anytime from breakfast to supper.

Where: Pita Pit, Dubai

4. SushiArt

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Curated sushi collections are a joy to behold – a mix of vibrant colours, careful plating and distinctive textures. They're just as much fun to eat too. SushiArt's platters are mini masterpieces. Get a la carte selections of sashimi, tataki and maki, or opt for the pre-made mixes. Don't be put off by its prettiness though – grab some chopsticks, and dig into your sushi however you order it.

Where: SushiArt, various locations

5. Seville's

Tapas might be the most obvious sharing meal of them all – and Seville's serves them up in style. Lots of small dishes make for a family-style meal, where everyone tries bits of everyone else's food and everyone can eat around their tastes. Get neatly plated bites of meat and seafood, bowls of cold soup, hot skewers, spicy potatoes, crunchy tostas and more. Simply mix and match for the perfect composition.

Where: Seville's, Dubai

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