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  2. Get right on trend with the poke bowl and three more food fashions for 2018
From the Poke Bowl to Burritos - the Hottest Food Trends for 2018

Get right on trend with the poke bowl and three more food fashions for 2018

Food's just like fashion. Each year, or even each season, different trends emerge both in terms of the cuisines that suddenly become everyone's favourites and of specific recipes and ingredients. Even for the dedicated foodie it can be hard to keep up with what's hot in the kitchen right now so we've put our ear to the ground on your behalf. Searching everywhere from Thai restaurants to Mexican, we've spotted plenty of trends for 2018 including the poke bowl and the mocktail. Here are some suggestions about where to enjoy them.

1. Take a trip down Mexico way

It would be fair to say that Latin American food in general, and Mexican food in particular, is having something of a moment right now. So this is great news if you've always enjoyed the fresh and filling cuisine from south of the border. It's also the perfect excuse to order it without delay and a great place to start would be at Chalco's Mexican Grill where their Monster Burrito is a challenge well worth taking on!

2. Pick up a poke bowl

One of the highest profiles in this year's food trends is the poke bowl. Originally from Hawaii, it's been described by some people as deconstructed sushi. A great example is the Aloha from Poke and Co which includes rice, salmon, ponzu sauce, edamame, seaweed, mango and sesame seeds to name but a few of its many ingredients. If you fancy a little more heat then their Spicy Maui with salmon and tuna is given a kick with some extra jalapenos.

3. Pack in the protein, veggie style

Maybe in a reaction to the ever-increasing number of people who are choosing the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, plant-based protein is a key food trend right now. This is great news as most cuisines feature ingredients that include it naturally. For example, lovers of Thai food can ring the changes from the usual Pad Thai and other favourites and tuck into dishes like the Phad Priew Wan Tao Hu that they serve at Benjarong. It's a tasty mix of protein-packed tofu with fruity pineapple, tomato, cucumber and spring onion in a sweet and sour sauce.

4. Try a mocktail or a speciality tea

Of course, it's not just foods that come into fashion, drinks do too. This year there are two key trends, the first is for non-alcoholic mocktails and the second is for speciality teas. And if you're looking for a thirst-quencher that's a little more interesting than usual, the Arabian Tea House is the perfect place to bring you both. One of the standout items from the mocktails section of their menu is the Special Lime and Mint which is a real zinger of drink. Or, for an equally refreshing tea, their Wild Oregano Herbal variety certainly takes some beating!

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