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The 4 Best American Fast Foods In Dubai

Don't Settle For Average With These Fast-food Delights

Let's face it - we've all had some really, really bad food in our time. But don't worry, you won't find any of that here. American takeaway in Dubai goes above and beyond expectations in this day and age, providing a range of options for hungry diners in a rush.

Burgers remain on top when it comes to your options though, and so it's burgers we've got. Alongside fried chicken, wings and so much more.

Fast food is so named for its ease and convenience, especially when you're on the go. These days, that describes a whole range of food, but we're taking things back to basics with the classics in this guide.

1. Boneless Wings

Ah, now Wing Street is right up our street alright. But bone-in wings can be a little too messy - so why not go boneless instead? All-white chicken meat comes coated in savoury breading is then tossed in your choice of sauce. This is the perfect takeout food to suit every mood. Easy to eat on the go, easy to devour all the meat, this is everything you want wings to be and more. So, what will it be? Garlic parmesan? Or maybe peri-peri, or garlic lime? You have so many options, so why not try them all?

2. Smoke House Burger

Now, a good, old-fashioned burger is classic fast food, but Johnny Rockets have given it a bit of a modern twist. The Smoke House Burger is one-of-a-kind, topped with cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and their special, secret-recipe barbecue ranch sauce. The days when you'd have meat thrown effortlessly between some soggy bread and cheese are gone - this is a true showstopper. This one's also super popular, so get it before it's so fast that it flies off the counters!

3. CNCheese

Ooh, you're in luck! Yet another super-recommended burger joint. Burger Fuel has an array of burger options - as the name suggests - but they're anything but run-of-the-mill. The CNCheese comprises a patty with smashed beef and not one but two types of cheese: both melted cheddar and parmesan for that ooey gooey finish. It's topped off with salad, relish and aioli. Nothing bland and boring about this, just flavour, flavour, flavour to adore!

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4. Fried Chicken Bites

Welcome to the Hen House, where - surprise, surprise - you'll find chicken galore. These Fried Chicken Bites are simply divine. Deep-fried, free-range chicken strips are marinated in a signature buttermilk dressing, served up with gravy. The result is pure perfection. Soft and tender on the inside, crispy and crunchy on the outside. Just the way you like it.

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