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Check Out 4 Of The Best Chinese Noodle Dishes In Dubai

Chinese Noodles With A Twist to Wrap Around that Fork)

Dubai is amazing for so many reasons but one of the main things we love is how multicultural it is. No matter what kind of food you want from anywhere in the world, it's not hard to find. Chinese takeaway in Dubai is the real deal, and you've got so many places to choose from. A good Chinese is a classic when it comes to ordering in and now you can enjoy restaurant quality stuff from your very own home.

Whether you like noodle soup or something else, these are the best dishes based on the humble egg noodle. Across Asia, these dishes go across a storm - what's not to love? But, it's not necessarily about the noodles themselves, it's what goes with them!

1. Hakka Style Noodles

Ah, the classic. Hawkers knows how it's done. Despite offering a range of cuisines from across the Asian continent, one of the menus stars of the show is the Hakka Style Noodles. Based on the popular dish straight out of China, the restaurant aims to bring the old favourite to diners right here in the Emirates. You won't be disappointed in these egg noodles tossed in light soya and chock-full of fresh Asian veggies. Simple but absolutely special.

2. Miso Tsukemen

Lending the classic Chinese egg noodle to a dish with Japanese flavour, you might be able to tell by the name that The Noodle House know exactly what they're doing - and they get it 100% right. Miso Tsukemen is a fragrant broth of miso, with prawns, enoki mushrooms and a soft boiled egg added in. It's a complex dish that works really well, bringing different flavours to the table in tandem.

3. Oodles of Noodles (Veg)

Vegetarians love a good egg noodle too which is something Soy knows only too well. Enjoy a classic noodle dish, tossed with a vast variety of versatile veggies. They serve authentic Chinese cuisine so this basic - but brilliant - dish is exactly like the kinds you'd find in China, without the need to leave your home.

4. Chilli Garlic Noodles

If you love your noodles with a real kick, you'll find Gypsy Chinese Restaurant an absolute godsend. These egg noodles are flavoured to the brim with fresh chillies, garlic and capsicum, with spring onions thrown into the mix for good measure. You'll love the speciality oils used to really bring the tastes to the forefront. Better still, you can even enjoy these noodles with either chicken, veggies or prawns (not that they really need anything else; this is just the icing on the proverbial cake).

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