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4 Brilliant Breakfasts in Dubai – Taqado Mexican Kitchen and More!

Have A Super Start To The Day With These Brilliant Breakfasts!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, everyone knows that. So it's absolutely imperative to be filling your body with as much goodness as possible to set you up for the day ahead. There's so much variety on offer these days and restaurants like Taqado Mexican Kitchen are serving up some deliciously unique plates. Whether you need high-energy eats to enjoy on the go or have the time to settle down to a marvellous meal, Dubai has it all. Here are some of our top picks for a super start to the day.

1. Avocado Toast

It doesn't get much healthier, more wholesome or more indulgent than the awesome avocado. The fleshy Mexican fruit, which is botanically a large berry, has become a brilliant option for breakfasts the world over. At Taqado Mexican Kitchen, the green pear-shaped portion of joy can be consumed in various delicious forms, such as mashed up in the gorgeous guacamole. But for your morning meal here we recommend the Avocado Toast. It comes with sunflower seeds, an organic boiled egg and chilli flakes. This amazing amalgamation of flavours packs a powerful punch and will fire you forwards into the busy day ahead.

2. Acai Bowl

For health food lovers that live a busy lifestyle, a fantastic way to fill your body with a gargantuan amount of goodness is with a super smoothie bowl. The Acai Spot focuses on providing wholesome food and drinks that will work wonders with your body. In their Acai bowl section you'll find some smoothies that are fully loaded with vitamins and minerals to see you through the day. Our pick of the lot is the Yummy Berry, a colourful combination of acai, bananas and strawberries all topped off with a generous helping of granola. This fruity concoction has everything you need!

3. The Crafty Omelette

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Eggs are such a great source of protein and energy, which make them the ideal breakfast item we know and love. And what's more, they can be enjoyed in so many different formats. One of the most extraordinary egg dishes we've found in Dubai is the Crafty Omelette, found at the delightful Craft Café. This superb speciality is eggs whipped up with goats' cheese, cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions and la ratte potatoes. If you fancy an indulgent meal to satisfy your cravings after a long sleep, this is the dish to go for. Go on, you know you deserve it.

4. Egg and Kale

Freshii is an epic health food joint that specialises in packing as much goodness as possible into a bowl and serving it up. For your morning meal, there are some outstanding options, such as the Egg and Kale Breakfast Bowl. This is filled with so many tantalising ingredients such as feta cheese, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and pesto. Every bite is absolutely bursting with fantastic flavour and wholesome healthiness!  

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