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Classic Curries To Spice Up Your Day in Dubai

Where To Find All Your Curry Favourites In Dubai

Who doesn't love a curry? Because however hot it might be outside, there's nothing quite like a spicy treat to make the day complete. Plus, with so many Indian restaurants in Dubai, you're never very far away from being able to enjoy all your favourites.

There's also a huge range of choices waiting for you, whether you prefer your curries creamy and mild or spicy and hot and whether you prefer chicken, lamb, seafood, or even vegetarian versions. Then there are all the accompaniments that really turn it into a meal, like lentil daals and crunchy poppadoms, perfect with the spicy and fruity chutneys and pickles they're usually served alongside.

Of course, we can't say what all your personal favourites are but we certainly know ours and we've picked out four of them right here. Give them a try and they could become some of your go-to dishes too.

1. Prawn Biryani

The great thing about a biryani dish is that it's everything you need for a meal all in one serving. And, when it's as mouth-wateringly delicious as this little beauty from Nawab, it's no wonder that it's earned a place in our top 5. Sweet and succulent tawa prawns are served complete with saffron-infused basmati rice and sprinkled with garnishes including thin strands of fried onion. The flavours are subtle and delicate, perfect if you like a walk on the mild side

2. Chicken Tikka Masala

Did you know that, in the UK, where curry's always a big favourite, Chicken Tikka Masala is now the nation's favourite? If they could taste Mint Leaf's version of the dish it would surely rocket in popularity even more. Tender pieces of chicken that have been marinated in a special blend of herbs and spices are grilled and then served with onion paste, fresh garam masala and Kashmiri chillies, all in a mildly spicy and creamy sauce  just waiting to be mopped up with a naan.

3. Tandoori Spiced Lamb Chops

We mustn't forget that the appetisers are also a delicious part of any Indian meal and these tasty offerings from The Vintage Room are great examples of this fact. Young lamb chops are cooked to perfection in a traditional tandoor oven and spiced with caraway seeds and chillies to create a dish so delicious but so light that it's the perfect preparation for the main course that is sure to follow.

4. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is one of the big favourites on the extensive menu that you'll find at the very popular Moombai & Co - and rightly so. Delicious pieces of chicken breast and thigh are baked and then simmered in a buttery tomato sauce along with fenugreek leaves to create a deliciously rich and velvety sauce that boasts a real depth of flavour and very subtle spicing.

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