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4 Top Mushroom Dishes From Vegetarian Restaurants In Dubai

Go Mushroom Style With Top Vegetarian Restaurants In Dubai

Spongy, filling and full of flavour – the mushroom is an age-old favourite and with good reason. This plumed ingredient is good for your body, great for your mind and especially excellent on your taste buds. Whether it's found on pizza, in a salad or on the spear of a roasting hot kebab, the culinary world simply wouldn't be the same without it. If you're on the hunt for dinner, if you need some pep in your vegetarian step, read on. Here at Deliveroo we've drawn up four of our best veggie dishes with mushroom madness from vegetarian restaurants in Dubai, each as wholesome and tasty as the last. Napkins at the ready! It's chow time.

1. The Shahi Mushroom Kebab from 25 Degrees North

Stuffed, shredded and lined on a pike – the Shahi Mushroom Kebab takes those little white buttons and packs them full of flavour. Cottage cheese sinks between the seams as these tandoor-roasted veggies lie ready and waiting for your belly, marinated in yoghurt and seasoned to perfection. Fancy a bite or two? Two dozen, that is! Let us bring 25 Degrees North to you: pull up a chair and taste mushrooms like you've never known them before.

2. Spicy Lemongrass Soup from Freshii

Number two on our list calls for a lemongrass soup, as fresh as the Freshii kitchen itself. Wholesome, warming and healthy as it gets, this combo broth is a veritable rainbow of veggie nutrition so you're sure to get your vitamins without relinquishing flavour. We've got tomato, we've got carrots, we've got cabbage and cilantro aplenty. Rice noodles provide a solid carb base for the main feat – the mushrooms, of course – while lemongrass spice puts a kick into every spoonful. Very warming. Very scrummy.  

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3. The Grab and Go Asian Noodle Salad from Poke and Co.

Bigger means better, at least when it comes to portobello mushrooms. The Grab & Go Asian Noodle Salad from Poke and Co. takes this mammoth mushroom and bundles it all together in a green veg mix. Edamame beans sidle cosily next to sweet red pepper, snow peas and sesame seeds dot the bowl and a sweet chilli dressing frames it all in punchy flavour. This is a diet cleanser, a salad for the ages, with textures there and back till the sun goes down.  

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4. The From the Field Greenhouse Pizza from NKD Pizza  

Pizza! Bubbling cheese, a sweet tomato base, the unmistakable crunch of a crust between your teeth. The kitchen pros at NKD Pizza know this all-Italian dish in and out, back to front, flipped and spun, so it comes as no surprise that their From The Field Greenhouse tastes absolutely fantastic. In keeping with the rest of our list this is a veggie-only entry; onion, bell pepper, black olive and cherry tomato – and, of course, mushroom. Simple, yet perfect.  

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