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4 Creative Noodle Dishes From Around The World In Abu Dhabi

Noodles From Around The World In Abu Dhabi

If it's noodles you want, it's noodles you'll get - there are plenty of choices all over Abu Dhabi. Japanese takeaways are becoming super popular across the Emirates and, with that, comes plenty of noodles dishes. However, they are also prevalent in Thai cuisine as well as Chinese; and plenty of other Asian styles of cooking follow suit.

Why do we love them? You can have them with anything. Seriously, they suit every possible craving. Whether you're missing meat, searching for seafood or very keen on veggies; it's easy to find exactly what you want. So, which do we recommend across Abu Dhabi? Read on to find out!

1. Indonesia - Mie Goreng

Mie Goreng noodles are incredibly popular - so simple when it comes down to it but absolutely so full of flavour. Cho Gao makes them in a way that really packs a punch so it's no wonder that their customers love them! Egg noodles are tossed together with both chicken and shrimp for a really exciting flavour combination and the whole lot is finished off with egg and chilli Indonesian sauce. This gives it a little bit of a kick and sets them apart from the rest.

2. Thailand - Pad Thai

Pad Thai at Smoking Doll goes down a treat and it's easy to see why. Everyone loves this Thai noodle speciality but it's another thing to create one worthy of such attention. This place has it down, following the classic recipe involving tamarind, peanuts and fish sauce, but really giving it something of their own. Lots of spice, plenty of flavour and even a few surprises. If you've never tried Pad Thai and you've been looking for that perfect opportunity, look no further. Or, is it already your fave? You probably haven't had it like this!

3. Japan - Chicken Noodles Soup

Having a bad day and need a little bit of comfort? They say that chicken soup is good for the soul - well, this chicken noodle soup adds something more into the mix to make you feel better and fuller even faster. At Sushi Day, they understand how to work with different Asian flavours and how to bring out the best tastes that they possibly can. This soup combines three basics - chicken, veggies and the noodles themselves, but that's all it needs to create something amazing.

4. Singapore - Singapore Street Noodles

If you're craving that authentic street food taste, look no further than PF Chang's Singapore Street Noodles. These thin rice noodles are tossed with all kinds of good stuff such as shrimp, chicken strips and plenty of flavouring courtesy of garlic, cilantro and tomatoes. This dish is highly versatile so it goes well served with other things but it can easily be the star of the show as well.

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