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We Show You Great Shawarma Plus More Middle Eastern Kebabs

Show Me The Shawarma - And Other Amazing Kebabs!

Kebabs are the kind of food you can have basically at any time of day or night. They make for the perfect dinner, but they also work as an after-dark snack in the small hours - or even lunch! Middle Eastern cuisine is especially good at nailing it, with the likes of Lebanese and Turkish food leading the way.

Thankfully, with Dubai being right in the middle of the Middle East, there are plenty of incredible places where you can get a shawarma, or any other kind of kebab that takes your fancy. So, let's see where they are, shall we?!

1. Beef Shawarma Kebab

Whether you're a major fan of shawarma or this is your very first time, the Beef Shawarma Kebab plate from Man'oushe is a great place to start. They call this speciality their Juicy Beef Shawarma Plate and it's clear as to why. The beef is juicy as anything, made in the classic Lebanese way. It comes with tomatoes, onions, parsley and sumac - and even a little smooth tahini sauce drizzled on the side. It's all about the preparation, and this is grilled in the traditional way!

2. Fish Seekh Kebab

Who says kebab is just for meat? Well, technically, it's actually in the name (but we'll get to that later). That doesn't mean it doesn't go down a treat when people shake it up a bit though, which is why we reckon you need to try the Bistro Seekh Kebab from Kebab Bistro. It's made by chargrilling fish mince in a special, secret bistro style.

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3. Doner Kebab

The doner kebab is an absolute classic and it's no wonder it's so popular here in Dubai - in fact, it's enjoyed all over the world. The word "doner" actually is Turkish in origin, meaning rotating. And, fun fact, "kebab" means roast meat. And that's exactly what you get (although it's obviously not rotating by the time it gets to your plate). Don't be fooled by the name at German Doner Kebab, they've got a range of offerings that are true to the Middle Eastern roots. Enjoy it in the highly popular Doner Kebab Sandwich.

4. Chicken Shawarma Kebab

Things don't get more Lebanese than this. The Chicken Shawarma Kebab Plate from the aptly named Shawarma Grill House is the epitome of everything we love about the cuisine. Served alongside hummus and salad, this dish will provide you with some fresh, tender chicken marinated in ancient spices. It's even served with yoghurt sauce, to bring the whole dish together to perfection.

No matter what time of day it is, we bet we can find a kebab for you. And if we can't? Just check out everything else that we can bring straight to you on Deliveroo. 

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