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4 Healthy Breakfast Drinks In Dubai

Start Your Morning Off The Right Way With A Super Smoothie

We all know what they say. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, whoever they are, they're right - but that doesn't mean that you need to stuff your face with food if it feels way, way too early in the morning. You can have a yummy breakfast drink instead!

There is an array of breakfast takeaways available across Dubai, but you don't need to be restricted whether you're on the go or even doing a cleanse. Some of the most nutritious ways to kick-start your day come in liquid form, so while you may treat yourself to pancakes or a fry up on the weekend, our choice of super smoothies and juices will see your breakfasts through every other day of the week!

1. Acai Meets Mango Healthy Booster

Friends' Avenue serve up a range of tasty, wholesome foods, but their range of drinks - the Healthy Boosters - are something else. This Acai Meets Mango features two of the hottest breakfast smoothie ingredients and makes them work together perfectly. Also invited to the party along with these two superfoods is orange juice, banana and even a little cinnamon. There are even pumpkin seeds joining in on the fun as well. This is a real boost, alright.

2. Healthy Mocktail

Don't worry, a cocktail is guilt-free if it's a mocktail, which is exactly what you'll get at Shakespeare and Co. Their breakfast offerings give you all the good stuff that you need to get on with your day from the get-go. Order the 'Healthy' variation, and you'll be treated to a really delicious blend of green apple, carrot, celery and mixed berries. To give it that extra something special, it's mixed with ginger, that wonderful root known for its antioxidant effects and general health benefits including better immune and digestive functioning. On a hot day, the 'Red Sunset' also cannot be beat with its refreshing mix of watermelon, lemon and mint.

3. Bateel Detox

Sometimes juice and juice alone simply won't cut it, but this is so much more. There's no need to worry about spoiling all your efforts when you've indulged in too much food - there's a drink which will work wonders curing that. The Bateel Detox drink for breakfast from Cafe Bateel offers a "detox" to clear you of all your sins! It's perfect for when you're on a cleanse, but you want to give your body that little bit more. The drink comes complete with a blend of healthy fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, green apple, orange and lemongrass. So fresh, so fragrant - yum!

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4. The Beast

Now Common Grounds truly knows how to do super smoothies the right way - and if The Beast is anything to go by, you'll be hard-pressed to disagree! Leave the hard pressing to the fruits and veggies getting blasted in this tasty treat though and enjoy the flavours of kale, moringa, kiwi, avocado, honey and green apple - essentially, all the good superfood-stuff that's bang on trend. It's even got spirulina, a green seaweed known for its almost magical powers to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. We promise.

It's 2018 and takeaways aren't just for food anymore. Well, perhaps some are - but here on Deliveroo, you can just order drinks if you want to!

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